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35 Best Funny Family Movies That’ll Make You Laugh Out Loud

October 4, 20231 Mins Read

Too often, the phrase ‘family movie’ is thought of as a euphemism for ‘a movie for kids’, and ‘family comedy’ as the sort of movie filled with pratfalls, fart jokes and groan-inducing punchlines. And, hey, there’s nothing wrong with a good fart joke. But the truth is that ‘family comedy’ doesn’t have to mean juvenile.

As you’ll see, these 35 flicks are funny for the whole family, with gags guaranteed to crack up every demographic on the couch, from the wee ones to the oldies to the surly teenagers. Sure, the laughs may not be ‘sophisticated’ exactly, but if they get everyone giggling in unison, well, is there any bonding experience than that?

Written by Hannah Doolin, Danielle Valente, Alim Kheraj, Oliver Strand, Andy Kryza & Matthew Singer


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