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‘Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire’ a mega monster movie adventure | Entertainment

April 1, 20243 Mins Read

It’s not hard to understand why the titans Godzilla and King Kong have stood the test of time. The gargantuan beasts provide the very spectacle that is only done justice when seen at the very least on a 30-foot-high screen, and whose booming footsteps and thunderous roars ought only to be heard through crisp surround sound. The trouble comes with the script that has to stitch such captivating sights and sounds together.

As far as Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire goes, the attempt is not half-bad. As the lizard king and the ape monarch have put aside their differences after their 2021 dust-up, things are relatively calm in the MonsterVerse. Kong explores his new domain of Hollow Earth, searching for his long-lost kin. His search unearths the evil Scar King, who is hell-bent on leading an army of vengeful giant apes to the surface.

People of science

It’s a mix of science and superstition. Kong’s acolytes are faith-based, believing in a prophecy that will lead to the salvation of the world. Godzilla’s followers are people of science, seeking only to avoid the ire of their rage-fuelled walking nuclear bomb of a deity. Both approaches lead to leaps in logic, yet the film’s commitment to its preposterous plotting goes just far enough to get you invested.

If you’re unable to suspend your disbelief, the film has you covered. Finally, the title characters are given the justice they deserve. The confidence to keep most of the movie dialogue-free is commendable, and leads to the profound experience of experiencing compassion for creatures whose only forms of communication are gestures, unintelligible grunts and growls. In one scene Kong shares a meal with a new-found friend while staring at a sunset, in the same film which sees Godzilla taking a swan dive from the cliffs of Gibraltar.

Moments of rest juxtaposed against supreme fun-filled violence. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire more than delivers on the giant monster battles, with pristine visuals full of moments of levity and audience-pleasing combat. Clearly, Godzilla and Kong have tuned into WWE since their last meet, as they move like two fighters stepping into the ring when the need arises.

As admittedly entertaining as it all is, one has to wonder if the writing isn’t on the wall for this iteration of the two cinema legends. How many battles for supremacy can be waged before it starts to feel repetitive. For some, that moment has come and gone, but for now, Godzilla x Kong gives just the right level of captivating and compelling adventure to keep this critic satisfied.

Rating: Big Screen Watch

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