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‘Moana 2’ Trailer Debuts with Another Oceanic Adventure in Highly Anticipated Disney Sequel

May 29, 20243 Mins Read

The boundless expanse where the sky merges with the vast sea beckons Moana once more, as Disney unveils the trailer for the highly-anticipated sequel to “Moana.”

The teaser heralds the return of Moana and Maui, voiced by Auliʻi Cravalho and Dwayne Johnson, respectively, embarking on another aquatic odyssey.

Described as a voyage of epic proportions, “Moana 2” reunites the duo three years later, charting a course alongside a motley crew of unlikely seafarers. Summoned by the whispers of her wayfinding ancestors, Moana sets sail into the uncharted realms of Oceania, delving into perilous, long-forgotten waters for an adventure unparalleled in her experiences thus far.

“This is a beckoning from the ancients to navigate to uncharted horizons and reconnect our people across the boundless ocean,” declares Moana in the trailer, with Maui, ever the jovial companion, quipping about a chicken and a pig as potential “boat snacks.”

Actors Actor Dwayne Johnson and Aulil Cravalho attend AFI FEST 2016 Presented By Audi - Premiere of Disney's 'Moana' at the El Capitan Theatre on November 14, 2016 in Hollywood, California.
HOLLYWOOD, CA – NOVEMBER 14: (L-R) Actors Actor Dwayne Johnson and Aulil Cravalho attend AFI FEST 2016 Presented By Audi – Premiere of Disney’s ‘Moana’ at the El Capitan Theatre on November 14, 2016 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Barry King/WireImage)

Penned and helmed by David G. Derrick Jr. in his debut as a feature-length director, “Moana 2” sees the return of musical talents Abigail Barlow, Emily Bear, Opetaia Foa’i, and Mark Mancina, who contributed to the first film’s soundtrack. Notably absent from the sequel’s music roster is Lin-Manuel Miranda, expected to forgo new compositions for this installment.

Disney CEO Bob Iger officially announced the sequel during an appearance on CNBC preceding the company’s first-quarter fiscal 2024 earnings report. Initially conceptualized as a television series, the project underwent a transformation into a full-fledged cinematic endeavor.

The original “Moana” proved to be a resounding triumph for Disney Animation, amassing over $680 million at the global box office. Its enchanting melodies and captivating narrative found a second life on Disney+ with a staggering 1 billion hours streamed in 2023.

In parallel with the animated sequel, plans are underway for a live-action reimagining of the original “Moana,” with Dwayne Johnson slated to reprise his role as Maui. While Auliʻi Cravalho reprises her role as the voice of Moana in the animated follow-up, she will yield the role to another actor for the live-action adaptation, expressing her excitement for the expanding “Moana” universe.

“The ‘Moana’ universe is expanding, and I find that incredibly gratifying,” Cravalho remarked. “Moana’s journey redefined the archetype of a Disney princess, showcasing strength and courage in the face of formidable challenges. It’s heartening to know that successive generations will find inspiration in this character.”

“Moana 2” is slated for theatrical release on Nov. 27, promising another enchanting chapter in Moana’s indomitable quest.

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