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Moana 2 Trailer Shows Disney Heroine As Village Legend & Teases New Adventure At CinemaCon

April 11, 20243 Mins Read


  • New
    Moana 2
    footage is revealed at CinemaCon, hinting at new adventures for Moana.
  • Moana returns home to Motunui, only to realize she cannot stay.
  • Moana 2
    will hit theaters on November 27, 2024.

New footage from Moana 2 has been revealed at CinemaCon. Moana 2 will continue the animated story of Moana, Maui, and the residents of Motunui that was introduced in the 2016 film. Moana 2’s cast will include the return of Auli’i Cravalho, Dwayne Johnson, and Alan Tudyk, and is currently set for release on November 27.

As per a Screen Rant representative at CinemaCon, new footage has been revealed from Moana 2. As per a Screen Rant representative at CinemaCon, new footage has been revealed from Moana 2. The teaser trailer begins with Moana on a boat with her pig, sailing on her own on a multi-day adventure. Arriving of Motunui, she sings a new tune about returning home, singing “Finally we’re back to who we’re meant to be.” Everyone in her village is singing, including one person who tells their children about the “legendary wayfinder,” Moana. The scene then cuts to a brief scene wherein Moana blonds on a conch and sees the water spirit.

Moana 2 Could Be Full Of Surprises

Moana high-fives the ocean in Moana

In the brief teaser at the end, Moana sees herself having to leave the island. Her grandmother says “I don’t know where your path will lead, but we never stop choosing who we are.” Maui is then seen swinging and flying through the air. This Moana 2 trailer hints at tension between Moana’s desire to return to her village and the need to adventure more after interacting with the water spirits.

Moana 2’s initial announcement came as a surprise. Prior to the announcement of Moana 2, it was originally assumed that Moana’s animated universe would continue in the form of an animated series for Disney+. Instead, the studio announced in February that the plans for the Moana TV series were instead being converted into Moana 2. Even more surprising was that Moana 2 would be scoring a release date later this year.

is available to watch on Disney+.

Even with the footage description, there is still a lot that remains unknown about Moana 2. Johnson and Cravahlo’s returns are both confirmed, giving the film some continuity from the first film. With several months to go until the film and no official trailer released, however, a lot of news could still develop about Moana 2, including surprise new cast members, story changes, and more.


New Moana 2 Reveal Confirms 1 Way Disney’s Sequel Will Beat The Original Movie

The new image Disney released for Moana 2 confirms one of the ways the film could beat the original.

Moana 2 is only one step in the growing Moana universe. A live-action adaptation of Moana, originally scheduled for 2025, is set to release on July 10, 2026. The most recent trailer for Moana 2 hints at an emotional journey for Moana in this next film, which will only become more heightened from the first iteration on Motunui.

Source: CinemaCon

Moana 2 temp movie poster

Moana 2

Moana 2 is the sequel to the 2016 animated adventure film about a young woman named Moana who journeys into the sea to end her island’s curse. The film will see the return of Dwayne Johnson as the eccentric and musical demigod, with Auli’i Cravalho expected to reprise her role.

Dave Derrick Jr.

Release Date
November 27, 2024

Walt Disney Pictures , Walt Disney Animation Studios

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

107 Minutes

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