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The Mummy Returns to Movie Theaters for 25th Anniversary: How to Watch

April 5, 20243 Mins Read

One of the most beloved action/adventure films of the 1990s turns 25 this year, and Universal Pictures is celebrating by sending it back to the big screen. 

The studio announced Friday that it will re-release The Mummy, the 1999 blockbuster starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz, in theaters nationwide starting April 26, setting the stage for a dose of throwback fun at the box office this spring as fans new and old can experience the swashbuckling tale as many of them never have before.

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The Mummy Returning to Theaters in Celebration of Its 25th Anniversary

“Over the past twenty-five years, The Mummy has become a cornerstone of adventure cinema and has set the bar high for blockbuster entertainment,” Jim Orr, president of domestic theatrical distribution for Universal Pictures, said in a press release. “As we celebrate its 25th anniversary, we couldn’t be more thrilled to bring it back to the big screen. It’s a fantastic opportunity for both devoted fans and newcomers to immerse themselves in the exhilarating adventure and timeless story that made The Mummy an unforgettable cinematic experience.”

How to Watch The Mummy in Theaters 

If you’re heading out to the movies this weekend –– perhaps to see Universal’s new action revenge thriller Monkey Man –– you might notice a fresh new trailer for The Mummy running in front of your film, showcasing the classic adventure’s revival on the big screen. Today also marks the on-sale date for tickets to see the theatrical revival, so if you’re a Mummy superfan, start getting your friend group together and making plans. It will be playing in participating theaters nationwide.

Released in early May of 1999, The Mummy emerged as an action-heavy update to the story of one of Universal’s classic movie monsters, and follows treasure hunter Rick O’Connell (Fraser) and academic Evelyn Carnahan (Weisz) as they run afoul of an ancient cursed mummy named Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo) who, once released, threatens to cover the world in his particular brand of darkness. On the strength of its star power, action, and humor, the film went on to gross more than $400 million worldwide (and that’s 1999 money we’re talking about), spawning two direct sequels, a spinoff franchise, and more. 

Tickets for The Mummy 25th Anniversary Re-Release are on sale now at Fandango.

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