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The Sandy Cheeks Movie Trailer Previews Spongebob’s Texas Adventure

July 9, 20242 Mins Read

Netflix has finally dropped the official Saving Bikini Bottom: The Sandy Cheeks Movie trailer for the newest Spongebob Squarepants spin-off, which will be available for streaming on August 2, 2024.

“When Bikini Bottom and all its denizens are suddenly scooped out of the ocean, Sandy Cheeks and SpongeBob SquarePants journey to Texas to save the town from a villainous plot,” reads the film’s official synopsis.

Check out the Saving Bikini Bottom: The Sandy Cheeks Movie trailer below (watch more trailers):

Saving Bikini Bottom: The Sandy Cheeks Movie | Official Trailer | Netflix

What happens in Saving Bikini Bottom: The Sandy Cheeks Movie trailer?

The official trailer highlights SpongeBob and Sandy’s Texas adventure, as Sandy goes back to her hometown to save Bikini Bottom from a Marine Biology Lab called B.O.O.T.S. who stole the underwater city and its citizens from out of the ocean. The rescue mission also reunites Sandy with her family in Texas, who show off their athleticism.

Saving Bikini Bottom: The Sandy Cheeks Movie is directed by Liza Johnson from a teleplay written by Kaz and Tom Stern, based on a story by Kaz. It features the voices of long-time SpongeBob Squarepants voice actors Carolyn Lawrence, Tom Kenny, Clancy Brown, Bill Fagerbakker, Rodger Bumpass and Mr. Lawrence, as they reprise their respective roles as Sandy Cheeks, SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs, Patrick, Squidward, and Plankton. The ensemble cast will also feature Wanda Sykes, Johnny Knoxville, Craig Robinson, Grey Delisle, Ilia Isorelýs Paulino, and Matty Cardarople. It is executive produced by Marc Ceccarelli and Vincent Waller.

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