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Watch all the 2022 Women in Adventure films

December 19, 20229 Mins Read

It’s time to watch all the amazing Women in Adventure films entered for the 2022 BMC TV film competition! We’ve been flooded with a wave of fantastic fresh entries and have 18 new female-led adventure films to share with you. Ready, set, watch!

With all the films now out on our YouTube Channel, we’re excited to officially share these high doses of female-led adventure with you. Or scroll down to watch them all. The competition, which runs in joint partnership with Sheffield Adventure Film Festival and competition sponsor Montane, is open to all and aims to have more women in front of and behind the camera.

JOIN US: Women in Adventure Award Screening and Free Film Workshops at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival Saturday 4th March

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Women in Adventure: Screening and Award Ceremony at ShAFF 2023

The winners will be announced and shortlisted films screened at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2023, with a real-life award ceremony as well as a networking workshop panel event for those interested in the film industry. More information to come soon. Keep the weekend free!

The Eiger Attraction

The Eiger is one of the most iconic mountains in the world. Famous for its North Face, it has made it into many books and films. Julia Lyubova, along with a Swiss guide Dani Arnold, take on the Mittellegi route. The journey was not easy, coming under a rockfall, putting a crampon through a leg and ripping trousers, were some of the hiccups Julia and Dani experienced on the way. Follow the journey, to find out what the Eiger attraction is. A film by Julia Lyubova.


Nahla | 5000 miles on an Elliptigo

Nahla Summers decided she wants to use adventuring challenges to start a different narrative within society and travels 5,000 miles in 114 days, in aid of kindness. It’s to change the conversation from a focus on money to one of human connection and kindness being key to our success as a species. She is evidence that a tiny act can have a huge difference. A film by Nahla Summers  


Lucy Walker 150 | Climbing the Matterhorn

A woman’s place was seen as firmly in the home when British woman Lucy Walker became the first female to summit the Matterhorn. She not only managed the climb in cumbersome skirts and hobnail boots, but also overcame a deeply embedded gender bias in mountaineering, inspiring countless future female alpinists to follow in her footsteps. This year, 150 years later, Mammut and Swiss Tourism have teamed up to celebrate Lucy’s feat as part of the 100% Women Peak Challenge, sending British outdoor adventurer Olivia Jane to Zermatt to scale the mountain. A film by Sam Walker


Rise | Climbing in the Welsh Quarries

Within the unforgiving environment, the walls of a Welsh quarry provide climber Delyth Owen with the physical and mental strength to prevent a functional neurological disorder from defining who she is, but also to find solace and reconnection through the act of climbing. A film by Chris Thomas


Free To Fall

Climbing is Emily Law’s biggest passion and back in 2020 on a trip to Spain she started to feel it all slipping away. Wanting to push herself on new grades meant she had to face falling off for the first time in over five years and she realised she was gripped by a fear of falling. Two years on from this realisation ‘Free to Fall’ from Sense Films Productions captures part of the process which she has undertaken in order to feel free to fall again. A film by Sense Films 


Walk On | Travelling the Scottish Highlands with a Packpony

Walk On follows the journey of Wilderness Guide and Explorer, Eliza Brown’s 20 day epic to become the first known person to travel the length of the Scottish highlands with a pack pony. This year, aided by Pansy the Fell Pony, Eliza tries once more to tackle the 400km of mountainous and boggy terrain to the reach to northern coast of Scotland. A film by Grace TSP


Three Lakes | Packrafting in the Lake District

A girl’s weekend like no other. Wanting an adventure that had never been done before (and that could happen on their doorstep), friends Bex Band and Emma Rosen attempt to packrat and hike between the longest, highest, and deepest lakes in England. Battling achy arms, bas weather, mum-guild and painful backpacks that are definitely not made for short people, the friends come away realising the importance of being ok with finding a middle ground. A film by Roxanna Barry


Five Ways to Feel Cosy 

The idea of being “slow” has been around for a while: we have had slow food, slow TV, slow travel. Susanna Thornton is a slow adventurer. She is not as young as she used to be, but loves outdoor adventures, and goes wild camping, hiking and cycling in her own style, with a cosy tent, a flask of coffee and a battered little stove. A film by Susanna Thornton A film by Susanna Thornton


Swimpacking | Lake District

You know bike packing?! We’ll it’s a little like bike packing… but you swim! This short film shares a brief introduction to the sport of swimpacking as we follow Annie Voigt on a short winter camping adventure. A film by Frankie Dewar


100% Women Peak Challenge | Breithorn and Zermatt Via Ferrata

11 women from all of the world try to reach the four thousands peak – Breithorn. For some of them, it’s the first time in their life they have ventured into high mountains. And for some, the first time they have tried a Via Ferrata. The expedition was organized only by women for women. A film by Daria Sieracka


Splintered Awe

Splintered Awe is a poem I wrote just after the lockdown ended in the UK which is where I was living at the time. 2020 was hard, though without fail, I always found solace outside. The trees and the ground, the air and the sky are judgement free. I’ve cried in the woods, skipped in the woods, broke a lot of sticks in the woods, screamed in the woods, kissed in the woods, skinny dipped in the woods, and lost and found myself in the woods. The world outside for me has been home in the purest sense of the word. This is an ode to all that.A film by Sara Lessmann


Solo Surrender | Outward Bounder Leadership

This short film, Solo Surrender, was created during the Women’s Outdoor Leadership Course 2021, run by The Outward Bound Trust. This time alone in the mountains was intended as time to reflect on ourselves as leaders, as women in the outdoors and our experiences. Ultimately, Solo Surrender was inspired by the sensations I feel when I spend time outdoors… with inspiring women; with my partner Ryan and other empowering men; and with myself, solo. A film by Alexandra Ridge


Solo Wild Camp | Snowdonia

A short film of my first solo wild camp and hiking the mountain Y Garn in Snowdonia. A film by Grace Kelly


A Good Place To Be | Wild Swimming & Mental Health

This film explores the mental health and well-being benefits of wild swimming through the unique experience of Pauline Latchem. A film by Reuben Worlledge 


Ladylike | Scouting in Switzerland

Ladylike explores the idea that overcoming societal expectations of women and girls starts at a young age. Zoning in on the International Scout Centre in Kandersteg Switzerland, Rosie tells the story of how participating in scouting has changed her life for the better and enables young women from around the world to start their own adventures, get outside and stay true to themselves and their passions. A film by Rosie Aldridge 


The Mountains Are Pink 

A poem I wrote that describes being raised as a woman in the mountains, accompanied by a painted animation. A film by Ailsa Brock


What Would You Do For Kindness? 

Nahla Summers decided she wanted to use adventuring challenges to start a different narrative within society. It’s to change the conversation from a focus on money to one of human connection and kindness being key to our success as a species. She is evidence that a tiny act can have a huge difference. A film by Nahla Summers


Let It Shine Shadow Climb

Come explore the shadows and climb around the rocks. This film explores the fun behind climbing—merging the visuals with a live recording of a band song. While watching the whimsical footage of shadows and silhouettes, imagine yourself adventuring in the rocks. A film by Shira Gordon 

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