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Mukesh Ambani’s proposal to Nita Ambani like a page from a Bollywood movie |

May 28, 20244 Mins Read

In Indian cinema, heroes often captivate audiences with their grand, public displays of affection, making dramatic proposals that sweep their beloved off their feet. Decades ago, life imitated art when Mukesh Ambani, one of India’s most renowned business tycoons, proposed to Nita Ambani in a similarly grand and unexpected manner. Their love story, which began on a bustling Mumbai street, remains a cherished tale of romance and inspiration, capturing the essence of a Bollywood classic.
According to the Tribune India reports, Mukesh Ambani, recently shared the heartfelt story of his proposal to Nita Ambani. Recalling the moment, Mukesh revealed that he had taken Nita for a drive through the bustling streets of Peddar Road, Mumbai. Amid the chaos of traffic and honking horns, he seized the moment and asked Nita to marry him. The surprise proposal, set against the backdrop of everyday life, left Nita momentarily stunned. However, she soon accepted, marking the beginning of their lifelong journey together.

The love story of Mukesh and Nita was not just a tale of serendipity but also one of destiny. Nita, a talented Bharatanatyam dancer, first caught the eye of Mukesh’s father, Dhirubhai Ambani, during one of her performances. Impressed by her grace and poise, Dhirubhai saw her as a potential match for his elder son, Anil. However, fate had different plans. A series of meetings allowed Nita and Mukesh to get to know each other, revealing Mukesh’s humility and Nita’s beauty and nature. These encounters laid the foundation for a deep connection that would lead to their marriage.
Nita Ambani, who was then a professional dance instructor at a small school, had her own aspirations and conditions for marriage. She wished to continue her profession even after tying the knot. Respecting her passion and independence, the Ambani family agreed to her conditions, supporting her dreams and ambitions.

Following their marriage, Nita Ambani became an integral part of the Ambani business She went on to establish herself as a prominent businesswoman, taking on significant roles within the organization.

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