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March 8, 20245 Mins Read

“They once said in a movie that failure and defeat meant different things. Anyone can fail, but defeat was an utter fiasco usually found in legends. I was defeated,” says Park Hyung-sik’s Yeo Jeong Woo in Doctor Slump.

A high-flying plastic surgeon, Yeo Jeong Woo falls from grace after a surgery goes wrong and he loses everything he has worked for.

SLL’s recent medical romantic comedy Doctor Slump tells the story of two doctors and former classmates Jeong Woo (Park Hyung-sik) and Ha-neul (Park Shin-hye) who meet years later, at a time when they are facing a career slump and battling mental health issues. The drama has struck the right chord, as brings to the fore the hyper-competitive educational and professional system, and its bearings on emotional health.

Park Hyung-sik is effortless and relatable as the confident Jeong Woo, who puts up a brave front as he grapples with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and inner turmoil. In an exclusive interview with The Indian Express from Seoul, the singer and actor says he was drawn to the premise of the show.

“I thought the series was funny and uplifting as well. It tackles pressing topics like slumps, burnout, and depression without making them too heavy or too light The core message of the show drew me in.”

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Playing the deft surgeon translated as shadowing a doctor, understanding his routine at the hospital and observing surgeries. However, Hyung-sik is candid when he says, “I referenced my own experience so far in playing Jeong Woo, and my biggest takeaway was not only the value of family, the importance of friends. But inculcating a positive mindset and the ability to love and protect oneself, which is so important.”

The drama reunites him once again with Heirs co-star Park Shin Hye. Their comfort level is apparent as the two share an easy-going chemistry on screen. “It was very nice and fun. Park Shin-Hye is a great and amazing actor indeed.”

Park Hyung-sik’s decade-long career in films and dramas comes with critically and commercially acclaimed performances. The playful CEO of a gaming company in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, the upright detective fighting an apocalypse in Happiness or a crown prince under a mysterious curse in Our Blooming Youth showcases his knack for blending in with his characters. Calling himself a positive actor, Hyung-sik says, “From a young age, I’ve always been curious and liked to take on challenges, and I think that plays a part in my choices of projects. I reckon it’s the things I’ve never done before, new genres and characters that pique my curiosity. Challenges are still scary and intimidating, but I love to take them on.”

Hyung-sik is also one of the few actors who does not shy away from taking roles in shows with powerful women characters. His real and relatable characters have made him a fan favourite.

“I appreciate these kind words. I need to relate to the character. I think when I take on a role and don’t understand and relate to this character, I would not be able to portray it. So I always try to empathise. I reckon it takes a lot of experience to empathize more, so I always try to build it up inside myself.”

Doctor Slump is another hit to SLL’s growing slate of diverse content and storylines this year such as Death’s Game, and Welcome To Samdal-ri. Park Hyung-sik confesses it is a thriving time for the South Korean industry and actors.

“I’m very happy and proud as an actor that Korean dramas are being loved, so I guess I’ll have to work harder. There’s a lot I haven’t done yet in terms of both job and genre. More recently, I watched the movie Oppenheimer, and it was inspiring, from the direction to the cinematography to the crazy performances of the actors. I thought to myself, I want to play a role like that someday.”

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Park Hyung-sik reveals like most South Koreans, he too is a huge fan of Rajkumar Hirani’s Aamir Khan starrer 3 Idiots, and is more than happy to try his luck in Bollywood.

“I enjoyed watching 3 Idiots. As for Indian food, I’ve tried curry, naan, and tandoori chicken. It’s so delicious! It would be amazing to be in a Bollywood movie! I hope I get the chance,” he says, flashing his famous smile.

The actor is close friends with BTS’ V, actors Park Seo Joon and Choi Wook Sik and Peakboy. The quintet popularly called the Wooga Squad, after their variety show In The Soop, confesses he has taken to playing golf since that’s the one sport his friends enjoy.

“All of my friends play golf, so I’ve started to learn it. I like skin diving. But it’s a hobby that I can’t do often”, he answers wryly.

Having made his debut as a member of the K Pop group ZE: A in 2010, Park Hyung-sik recently worked on the soundtrack of Doctor Slump as well. So will we be getting more music from you? He answers with a positive, “Stay tuned!”

Doctor Slump is currently streaming on Netflix.

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