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These 10 Famous Couples In Bollywood Movies Weren’t Meant To Be

January 22, 20245 Mins Read

Over the years, many Bollywood romantic movies have culminated, giving an impression that, after their highly sought-after union, the lead pair lived their happily ever after. This hypothesis is made in complete denial of realism, which, again, is often missing in romantic Hindi films. 

bollywood movies couples

You see, we’ve seen endless toxic relationships, vindicating the most obnoxious traits like stalking, obsessing, and abandoning a personal sense of self, masked as ‘true love’ in Hindi cinema. So, because we often do things for no reason, today, we thought about couples who wouldn’t have passed the test of time in real life. Given their relationship being doomed to begin with, they would have separated or filed a divorce in the phase Bollywood often refers to as a Happily Ever After:

bollywood movies couples

1. Raj & Simran from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

They met on a Euro trip, fell in love, and the next thing we know, Raj wants to end Simran’s marriage to Kuljeet. Now, it’s not that Kuljeet was any better, but the fact they hadn’t had even ONE real conversation before jumping on the marriage bandwagon makes it unlikely their love would have survived the test of time. Besides, let’s not forget Raj was a bit of a child whose idea of flirting was making jokes about bras and intruding on a woman’s personal space.

bollywood movies couples

2. Jazz & Arjun from Namastey London

So you are saying that Jazz, a complete Londoner, who abandoned her entire lifestyle in London to become a full-time desi in an Indian village to live with a man she was initially married to against her will, would have lasted? Umm. Under no circumstance.

bollywood movies couples who weren't to be

3. Bunny & Naina from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani 

Bunny was self-absorbed. He cared for no one but for his own vested interests. He acted around as some entitled prick. Remember that scene where he was so scandalised by the idea that Naina could be seeing someone? Besides, he and Naina were polar opposites with a clashing philosophy of life. It’s unlikely he’d have settled down to one place or one person.

Hindustan Times

4. Aisha & Siddharth from Wake Up Sid

Konkona Sen Sharma herself has addressed this, so we need not say anymore. When an interviewer asked her about Sid and Aisha’s relationship and the possibility of a sequel, she said, “Realistically, because everyone has that one big romance in their life. Not everyone marries their first love which can be a good or a bad thing. I think it’ll be fun to see if there is a sequel, they are with other people and they meet again and they have that one interesting conversation. A whole Before Sunrise and Before Sunset scene. That would be interesting.”

bollywood movies couples who weren't to be

5. Rahul & Anjali from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

A woman loves her best friend, but she has to change her entire personality for him to take note of her as a possible partner because she now looks more womanly? Sorry, but NO.

bollywood movies couples who weren't to be

6. Nisha & Rohan from Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar

The climax of TJMM was one of the most ridiculous scenes to have emerged in a while. Nisha wanted a more private marital life and sought more intimate moments with her partner without his family. She didn’t hate them, but she just preferred her own space and wasn’t appealed by the idea of life in a joint family, having seen her mother suffer her entire life. THAT was the sole reason for their breakup. But guess what happens at the end? She gives up all she stands for and happily acclimatises to a life in a joint family. Not to mention, how obnoxiously it was romanticised in the last 5 minutes of the movie!

bollywood movies couples who weren’t to be

7. Reena & Maddy from Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein

He stalked her and lied to her about his entire personality in the name of ‘love’. Practically speaking, his obsessive behaviour would have shown its true colours. They wouldn’t have worked. He was scary.

bollywood movies couples who weren't to be
Navbharat Times

8. Lucky & Sanjana in Main Hoon Na

All Lucky wanted was for Sanju to look more conventionally pretty for him to take note of her and love her. Eventually, Sanju would have figured that this new person wasn’t her and that she had to completely change herself for Lucky to be attracted to her. And that is messed up.


9. Raj & Priya from Chalte Chalte

Raj had an inflated sense of ego, an obsessive idea of love, and a childlike mental capacity. He was a manchild, in all senses. While Priya returned for the movie’s happy ending, she’d have run for her life in a more realistic setting.

bollywood movies couples who weren't to be

10. Kabir & Preeti from Kabir Singh

Okay, this we HOPE didn’t work out. You see, we have zero hopes from either of the two. Kabir was a chauvinist and a deeply disturbed man, and Preeti was plain dumb. In the real world, we can only hope these two personalities didn’t work out.

bollywood movies couples who weren't to be

Basically, Bollywood’s ‘Happily Ever After’ is a myth, a convenient ending to evade the characters and their story’s loopholes. However, you need not take it too seriously; this is all said and written in gest with sprinkles of logic.

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