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Why Diljit Dosanjh’s Casting Was “Mandatory”

April 11, 20245 Mins Read


  • Diljit Dosanjh’s casting in the Amar Singh Chamkila movie is crucial due to his connection to Punjabi music and ability to bring authenticity to the role.
  • Director Imtiaz Ali’s decision to use live singing in the film adds a layer of genuineness and immediacy, capturing the essence of Chamkila’s performances.
  • Dosanjh’s upcoming project, Jatt and Juliet 3, with Neeru Bajwa, promises to continue their on-screen magic and solidify his position in Punjabi cinema.

Netflix is set to release the Amar Singh Chamkila movie, which stars Diljit Dosanjh and Parineeti Chopra, exploring the life of Punjab’s original rockstar. Known for his compelling music and vibrant personality, Chamkila’s journey from poverty to fame during the 1980s is legendary, ending tragically when he was assassinated just before a performance in Mehsampur, Punjab. The Netlfix original movie promises to delve deep into the untold story of a man whose music continues to resonate with many.

Diljit Dosanjh, renowned for his multifaceted talent in both singing and acting, emerges as the perfect choice for the role. Beyond his illustrious career in the Punjabi and Hindi film industries, Diljit’s profound connection with Punjabi music and culture positions him uniquely to bring Amar Singh Chamkila’s character to life. His ability to blend authentic emotional depth with musical talent makes his casting in the film, alongside Parineeti Chopra, not just fitting but, as the director would put it, “mandatory.”


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The Amar Singh Chamkila Movie Director Cast Diljit Dosanjh Because He’s A Singer

Dosanjh Is Multi-Talented, Just Like Chamkila

Director Imtiaz Ali emphasized the significance of casting actors who are also singers. This decision underscores a commitment to authenticity, aiming to capture the raw energy and emotional intensity of live performances. Diljit Dosanjh, with his extensive experience in live singing, alongside Parineeti Chopra, who trained rigorously for her role, recorded the film’s songs live. This approach, as Ali explains, was a venture into uncharted territory, as live singing during shots had not been attempted in his previous works. The director explained (via News18):

“It was mandatory for me to cast actors who are singers as well. It was important for them to sing live. This film wouldn’t have been possible without them. It’s not like Diljit didn’t train a lot like Parineeti did but he does live singing and is used to it. They both recorded the songs after singing them live. The reason behind this is that I’ve never had singers singing live during a shot. I thought that in case, the live singing doesn’t work out, we can always use the recorded version and use it as playback like we usually do.”

The option to use these live recordings over traditional playback methods adds a layer of genuineness and immediacy to the film, attempting to reproduce Chamkila’s electrifying performances. Ali’s insistence on live singing is a testament to the film’s dedication to realism. Dosanjh’s proficiency and comfort with live performances lent an unparalleled authenticity to the role, mirroring Chamkila’s own legendary status as a live performer. This methodological choice by Ali not only elevates the film’s narrative but also pays homage to the essence of Chamkila’s artistry, making the casting of Dosanjh pivotal.

will be available on Netflix on April 12, 2024.


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What’s Next For Diljit Dosanjh

The Actor/Musician Will Star In Jatt & Juliet 3

Diljit Dosanjh at a party in Jatt and Juliet

The announcement of Jatt and Juliet 3 marks a thrilling development in Diljit Dosanjh’s career, reuniting him with Neeru Bajwa to revive their celebrated on-screen partnership in the beloved franchise. The upcoming project has ignited tremendous excitement among Punjabi cinema fans, eager to see the duo recreate the magic that made the first two Jatt and Juliet films so beloved. Neeru Bajwa’s social media posts have further fueled anticipation, highlighting the palpable excitement surrounding the film.

Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa have become synonymous with the Jatt and Juliet franchise, their chemistry and performances setting a high bar for Punjabi cinema. As they embark on a new chapter in the series, the legacy of their previous collaborations promises a blend of humor, romance, and compelling storytelling. With Jatt and Juliet 3, Dosanjh continues to solidify his position as a leading figure in the industry, leveraging his unique blend of acting and musical talent to bring diverse and engaging stories to the screen long after the release of Chamkila.

Source: News18

Amar Singh Chamkila (2024)

Imtiaz Ali

Release Date
April 12, 2024

Diljit Dosanjh , Parineeti Chopra

145 Minutes

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