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2 Major Upcoming Live-Action Anime Movies Prove Hollywood Has Learned From Previous Failures

April 17, 20241 Mins Read

Hollywood is learning from past failures with live-action anime adaptations like One Piece and Avatar leading the way. The upcoming Naruto and One Punch Man movies are seeing high-level talent involved, signaling potential for better adaptations. Hollywood may see live-action anime movies as a new frontier, especially with the long-running storylines and global appeal of anime.

Thanks to the recent success of Netflix‘s live-action One Piece adaptation, two upcoming live-action anime movies prove that Hollywood has learned its lesson from previous live-action anime movie adaptation failures. With One Piece season 2 renewed and in development, anime audiences are witnessing a paradigm shift in the long-running genre, since live-action anime adaptations haven’t been the best in previous years. From misunderstanding the core elements that make anime great to making unnecessary changes to the characters and lore, live-action anime adaptations are typically a huge letdown.

Furthermore, Avatar: The Last Airbender season 2’s…

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