It’s not often you look back on TV shows from the past and have positive things to say about the style choices.

We don’t tend to rewatch Desperate Housewives and RACE to our closets to dig out that Bree-inspired satin pencil skirt, nor do we watch old episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and immediately run to our nearest vintage shop to pick up a pair of patterned leggings. But whenever we rewatch (approximately ten hours worth of) hit 90s sitcom Friends, the feeling is entirely different.

And since working-from-home lunch breaks lend themselves nicely to a couple of episodes of the epic series, certain people (okay, me) have picked up on the similarity between a number of the characters’ outfits and our own.

Remember the football episode (season 3, episode 9, for the *real* fans out there)? Rachel’s black, drawstring joggers, cinched in at the ankle, which she paired with a t-shirt over a long-sleeve and trainers that even Yeezy himself would be itching to get his hands on right now? That, right there, that’s our WFH wardrobe in its entirety.

How about Monica’s epic vintage-looking knitted t-shirts, or Gunther’s punchy neon shirts? And don’t (do!) get us started on Rachel’s classic 90s staples… from baguette bags to slogan sweatshirts and slinky slip dresses, we go wild for it all.

It’s no secret that 90s fashion is in the midst of a huge revival, and the wardrobes of the Friends cast make up some of the world’s most powerful fashion components: think denim in abundance, expert layering and oh-so-many spaghetti straps.

Rachel, Monica, and even Gunther… we want your wardrobes. So to mark the show finally returning to our screens for new episodes (HALLELUJAH), we’ve rounded up some of the iconic sitcom’s best fashion moments that we find ourselves unknowingly recreating every day…

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