We don’t know about you, but we are seriously craving a duvet day curled up on the sofa with a good old fashioned Netflix binge session. Even if the weather is ridiculously hot right now.

Whether you’re having a stressful week, are feeling pretty knackered or just have tons of TV to catch up on, some binge-worthy series could be all you need right now.

For those of you who were addicted to Dirty John, season two is set to arrive on Netflix next week but there’s a twist. The new series of the real-life crime drama will focus on the story of Betty Broderick, who in 1989 shot and killed her husband Dan and his second wife Linda in California.

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WATCH: Dirty John season two trailer!

Betty, who is played by Amanda Peet, met Dan who is played by Christian Slater back in 1969 when she was just 18 years old and the couple went on to have four children. As Dan skipped off to Harvard to study law, Betty sold makeup and homeware to support her husband and growing family. The new series kicks in as the financial fortunes of the family change and they rise up society in San Diego.

It all starts to go wrong in 1982 when Dan hires Linda as his assistant and whilst denying an affair and gas-lighting Betty, her mind starts to spiral and it culminates in Betty driving to Dan and Linda’s new home, seven months into their marriage, and murdering them as they slept. The wardrobe is almost as good as the plot line, too, just saying…

If that sounds a little intense for you and you need a pick-me-up flick, Netflix’s Work It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Landing on the streaming site on 7th August, Work It is a dance comedy film giving us all the Step Up/ Pitch Perfect feel-good vibes. The film follows Quinn Ackerman (Sabrina Carpenter), an ambitious but clumsy high-schooler who vows to get into Dukes – a top university which her father attended – by earning extracurricular credit through dance. Alongside other ‘diamonds in the rough’, she pulls together a squad to try and win the school’s dance competition.

Watch the trailer below…

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Craving something a bit darker? Netflix is big on the twisted crime dramz, and The Woods has us hooked. Set in Warsaw, Poland, prosecutor Paweł Kopiński is losing hope that his sister, who vanished 25 years ago after walking into the woods at a summer camp, will ever be found. Until the discovery of the body of a boy who disappeared alongside his sister throws up new evidence. Fans of The Stranger will love this.

There’s more, you guys. The arrival of Chris Hemsworth to our Netflix screens with his latest film, Extraction, is also keeping us going. Chris plays a fearless black market worker who is employed to help rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord. There’s weapon dealers, drug traffickers, there’s Chris Hemsworth in utility gear wielding a gun, so it’s safe to say it’s thrilling in OH SO MANY WAYS.

If you haven’t yet binged teen drama Outer Banks, quite frankly, where have you been? 2020’s answer to The OC and perfect for Riverdale fans, it follows a set of teens as they try to uncover the mysteries surrounding one of their fathers. There’s six packs, there’s atmospheric shots, there’s escapism as we travel to the town called ‘Heaven on Earth,’ as these teens navigate all the trials and tribulations of growing up whilst on the hunt for serious answers.

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There’s also The Kissing Booth 3 to look forward to. Whilst we don’t know exactly when it’s dropping, it’s coming and we’re giddy.

Course, we also have The Umbrella Academy season 2 landing this week. The new series, which has already been given a 96% score from the Rotten Tomatoes critics, has been hailed as being even better than season 1. Sounds ah-mazing.

If those don’t take your fancy then never fear as there are plenty of new releases on Netflix for you, take a look at our pick below and if you love a good binge-watch check out the other best Netflix documentaries, true crime documentaries and date night movies, or our ultimate roundup of the best tv series in the meantime.

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