The public is sheltering at home, but Elvis — to update Mojo Nixon’s famous affirmation — is still everywhere. 

At least it seems that way, if you, like a yogi attuned to the mystic, remain aware of him and the signs of his presence.

For 21 years, I wrote an annual column I called “Elvis Allusions in the Movies” — a compendium of all the times Elvis Presley was seen, heard, referenced or name-dropped in the movies I had attended during the previous year.

The point was to demonstrate that although Elvis quit acting in movies in 1969 and died in 1977, he remained a fixture in feature films. In other words, Elvis never left the building, if the building was a movie house. 

Some years, I found Elvis in more than 30 films; in other years, he showed up only a dozen or so times. But he was always there.

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