Music And Art LessonsYour little one’s creativity will be running wild with the help of a Rio Vista art and music center offering a variety of online and in-person lessons.

Positive VibesJordan cheers us up with some positive vibes.

National Women’s DayIt’s important to find that unique power within. Tina talks with author Karina Velasco to learn more.

Wide Open WallsWide Open Walls has found a way to continue operating even during the pandemic. Ashley checks it out.

Dada EatsSamah Dada shows us a delicious vegan dessert recipe.

Gypsy CowgirlAnother chat with the Gypsy Cowgirl!

Positive Vibes 8/9/20Jordan is sharing some positive news this morning.

National Women’s DayToday is National Women’s Day, and Tina is talking to Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur, Karina Velasco about helping women feel empowered!

Wide Open WallsJust a few months ago, Wide Open Walls uncertain about the 2020 tour … but good news was delivered this week. It’s confirmed; Wide Open Walls 2020 will kick off in September. Today, Ashley is live with Raphael Delgado, a big time local artist who also sits on the board of Wide Open Walls.

Dada Eats Pt 2Food blogger Samah Dada is back with a recipe for gluten-free Stuffed Cinnamon & Sugar Roll-Ups!

Gypsy Cowgirl Pt 2The Gypsy Cowgirl, Bambi Porter is back to show us how to make the “sassy cowgirl sauce” using some local honey!

Dada EatsJordan is talking to Samah Dada, chef and founder of the popular food blog Dada Eats! She’s showing us some delicious gluten free, vegan and dairy free recipes you can make at home!

The Secret GardenAshley Williams is checking out the Secret Garden in Elk Grove, chatting all things plant with owner Jennifer Khal.

Gypsy CowgirlThe Gypsy Cowgirl AKA Bambi Porter is showing us how easy it is to make sauces using fresh herbs and local ingredients. First up, Chimichurri Sauce!

Teen’s Tune: 90’sTina challenges the Good Day Weekend Crew to another round of Teen’s Tune!

World-Class Music SafelyClassical Tahoe, a celebration of classical music that aims to enrich the cultural and community vitality of Lake Tahoe, is adapting its annual Orchestra Festival to a Virtual Chamber Music Series from July 30 to August 16. Tina is talking to Karen Craig, Executive Director of Classical Tahoe about how you can livestream the event!

Nifty In the NINEWe’re checking in on our old pal Nifty!

Coah KiahKiah Twisselman from San Luis Obispo has lost 125 pounds in a year without going to the gym. She said her journey started almost two years ago after reading a book, and setting simple goals for herself and changing her mentality. Tina is talking to her about how to get started on your own journey to self improvement.

Understanding StressTina is talking to MD & Author Scott Vaudrey about how we can better understand our mind and body’s response to the pandemic.

The Cottonwood CafeThe Cottonwood Cafe in Oakdale surves up Gourmet Sandwiches, Fresh Salads & Delicous Soup, and we’re live with owner Jay with a look at the menu!

Digital Media Management Pt 2We’re back with Kyle Hjelmeseth from G&B Digital Management learning about the importance of influencer and brand collaborations!

San Joaquin County Boating Unit Pt 2Ashley is back out on the water learning about what it takes to be a member of the San Joaquin County Boating Unit!

Music Minute 8/9/20Jordan is getting you caught up on all your latest music headlines.

Digital Media ManagementJordan is talking to Kyle Hjelmeseth from G&B Digital Management about what it takes to build community presence for social media influencers.

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