To the delight of comedy lovers, Seth Rogen appeared on The Howard Stern Show for a candid — and very funny — conversation. During the interview, Rogen dropped some knowledge about show business, including a notion that some movies are just like scams.

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Seth Rogen has a track record of creating comedy gold

Rogen became a household name thanks to his high-profile roles in comedies, including The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up. But in addition to his impeccable comedic timing as an actor, the funnyman uses his incredible creative instincts behind the scenes.

Rogen has written, directed, and produced big-screen blockbusters and television series. Plus, he has starred in many of the features he conceptualized. So, when Rogen talks about the movie industry, he speaks from vast experience and success.

Seth Rogen mused that some films are like scams

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Rogen spoke frankly with Stern about what happens when a movie concept doesn’t hold up. In fact, he opened up about a script that he has been noodling for nearly a decade. He also elaborated about what happens when a half-baked idea comes to fruition on the big screen, calling those projects “scams.”

Rogen explained, “Some movies are like scams where like, it’s like buying blueprints to a house that looked nice but then when you actually tried to build the house, it doesn’t stand up properly. You know what I mean? Like, that is a thing that happens with films, and I recognize it sometimes where I will see a movie and be like, ‘Oh, they lied. Whoever wrote and directed this movie lied,’” Rogen chuckled. He continued, saying, “They made it seem like they were selling the studio an actual functional film, but they did not. They sold them, like, the schematics of a movie that, when built, does not hold up to stress testing.”

The comedy ace has worked as a script doctor in the past

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During the interview, Stern asked if Rogen had ever been tapped to improve a film. The writer opened up about one particularly high-profile movie that he polished.

“I will only say this because it was reported, and I’m going to tread lightly because I’m close with many of the people involved,” Rogen said. “But I did that on the Dr. Doolittle film a little bit.”

The 2020 reboot of Dolittle stars Robert Downey Jr. in a sharp departure from his role as the Marvel Cinematic Universe hero, Iron Man. In Dolittle, a doctor who can communicate with animals goes on a quest to locate a mythical island. Rogen commented on what it was like to rework the script.

“It’s a cushy position to be in. Stakes are low for you personally in that role, which is nice,” admitted Rogen. “But it’s also like, you want to help.” He continued, “I like movies, and I also like the actors in that movie, and I don’t want anyone to not be happy with a movie. And Universal, who made that movie, like, has been very supportive of me and my career and made a lot of our movies. And I like the people who work there, so I genuinely want to make things better if I can.”

Fans who want to check out something new from Rogen are in luck. An American Pickle, which the star produced and stars in, is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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