“People are excited about this, it seems like,” Brown said.

Parks staff will take tickets at a designated entrance, then guide the cars into a parking spot. The department asks that attendees “stick to one family per vehicle.”

Attendees are not allowed to get out of their vehicles to sit outside or walk around. However, they can roll down the car windows.

“You have to stay contained in within your vehicle to watch the movie. You are also not allowed to back into the parking space and, say, sit in the back of your pickup or in the back hatch of your minivan,” Brown said. “You have to watch through the front windshield.”

The movie will be projected onto an inflatable screen sitting on a raised flatbed trailer, Brown said. Sound will be broadcast over the radio on 99.9 FM, as well as on loudspeakers in the parking lot.

All cars will leave through a designated exit.

Brown said families should remember that there will not be a public restroom, and cars cannot re-enter if they leave. People should also bring their own snacks, because there will be no concession stand, he said.

“Hopefully as we go, we will see fewer and fewer restrictions for these movies. … As long as the public can do a very good job of following the rules that are in place, we should be able to keep doing this beyond just these four … and run them through September,” Brown said.

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