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Demi Moore ‘excited’ to be stripping off again at 61 for new horror movie The Substance

May 26, 20244 Mins Read

Hollywood actress Demi Moore has stripped off for her latest role at 61 years old, as the grandmother takes on a new genre with a gory body horror movie that has her tipped for the Oscars next year

Demi Moore reveals she was ‘excited’ to strip off for new film at 71 in her Hollywood comeback

Demi Moore’s latest movie isn’t the first time she has stripped off, but she explains she was ‘excited’ to take on the role in the gory body horror.

Her latest project titled The Substance, sees 61-year-old Demi strip down and face a ‘younger clone’ of herself played by actress Margaret Qualley. Both the women are completely nude in the scenes, with many reviews stating the scenes end up quite disturbing and graphic. The movie, directed by French filmmaker Coralie Fargeat, was celebrated by critics and viewers at the Cannes Film Festival, and received a 13-minute standing ovation after the screening had ended.

Demi, who has appeared naked or even topless in several films in her successful career, has now revealed that the movie helped her to step ‘out of her comfort zone’.

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Demi Moore’s latest role at 71 years old sees her strip down to fully naked(Getty Images for amfAR)
Her new film The Substance has had critics tipping Demi for an Oscar mention next year(Getty Images)

Speaking in an interview to The Sun about her latest film, Demi explained that she looks for films that push her ‘out of her comfort zone’ as she said: “If I look at something and it scares me a little bit, I usually know that maybe there’s something in it. Because if I don’t do things where I step out of my own comfort zone, then I can’t grow. It’s not always easy watching yourself. But it’s exciting. It’s wonderful to feel the excitement.”

This isn’t the first time Demi has stripped down or pushed boundaries with her nakedness. In 1991 she stripped off for the cover of Vanity Fair magazine at seven months pregnant and she has stripped off for roles including in 1984 movie Blame It On Rio, 1996 film Striptease and 1997’s GI Jane. Yet her latest role in The Substance has Moore tipped for an Oscar, and has been widely applauded by critics.

The film sees Demi play former A-list star Elizabeth Sparkle, who is offered a black market drug called The Substance by a mysterious nurse. In one grim and gory scene, Demi’s character sees a younger version of herself emerge from her spine. In another Demi’s older character is seen physically deteriorating with rotting flesh.

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