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Is There A Twilight The New Chapter Release Date? Answered

May 29, 20242 Mins Read

A new Twilight movie trailer is creating a buzz online, for all the wrong reasons. Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson look nothing like themselves in this newest part of the series, and the plot doesn’t make sense.

Fortunately for all of us, Twilight Saga 6: New Chapter isn’t real.

This AI-generated trailer is pure nightmare fuel

Nothing about this fan-made AI trailer makes any sense, from the muddy visuals to the confounding plot. Why has the Volturi returned? Is Bella having a midlife vampire crisis after realizing that her life with Edward isn’t that great? I mean, if a really old vampire dude stalked me, I think I’d have the same reservations after a while. It would be nice to have a whole book about Bella rediscovering herself after becoming a vampire without Edward.

But that’s not to be. Fans who’ve read the books will know that the sixth part of the series is called Midnight Sun. It’s not about Bella having reservations about the Cullens. Instead, it’s the story of the entire series told from the perspective of Edward. There’s nothing new to be seen in that latest book.

In fact, we might even feel creeped out by Edward in Midnight Sun. This guy knew it was a bad idea to involve Bella in his life, yet he couldn’t help but get closer to her—even though he’s over a hundred years old and Bella was just 17 in the events of Twilight. When you sober up like I did, you’ll realize that Victoria, or even the Volturi, aren’t the most threatening villains in the story.

It’s Jacob, Edward, and the Cullens who endangered Bella the most. She was just 17.

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