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John Waters can’t get funding for his latest movie

May 28, 20243 Mins Read

Legendary filmmaker John Waters hasn’t been able to secure funding for Liarmouth, which would be his first movie in 20 years

John Waters

Back in October of 2022, it was announced that legendary filmmaker John Waters, who has brought us such films as Pink Flamingos, HairsprayCry-BabySerial Mom, Cecil B. Demented, and Pecker (among others), was teaming up with Village Roadshow Pictures for an adaptation of his “craziest” novel, Liarmouth. We’ve since heard that Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) is up for the lead role in the film, which would mark Waters’ first time directing since 2004’s A Dirty Shame… but if you’ve been wondering why Liarmouth still hasn’t made it into production a year and a half after it was announced, Waters gives an answer in a new interview with IndieWire: he hasn’t been able to get funding for it.

When asked for a Liarmouth status update, Waters said, “I’m not going to… [Starts to laugh.] Every time I comment on that, some article comes out that causes me hell, saying we’re making the movie. I’ll say it one more time, and there is no scoop here, there’s nothing new I’m telling you, but… [Village Roadshow] optioned the book, I wrote the script, they liked it, Aubrey [Plaza] likes the script, wants to be in it, I want her to be in it, and every person said, ‘No, we don’t have a penny of the budget.’ That is where it is today. Hopefully that will change. But the answer as of today? That’s it.

Waters’ novel (pick up a copy HERE) has the following description: Marsha Sprinkle: Suitcase thief. Scammer. Master of disguise. Dogs and children hate her. Her own family wants her dead. She’s smart, she’s desperate, she’s disturbed, and she’s on the run with a big chip on her shoulder. They call her Liarmouth―until one insane man makes her tell the truth.

What do you think of the fact that John Waters can’t find funding for Liarmouth? Are you hoping to see Waters get the chance to direct a new movie twenty years after A Dirty Shame? Let us know by leaving a comment below. I think it’s a very dirty shame that Waters would have trouble getting a movie made. Also, make sure to check out our own interview with Waters right here as he discusses remastering Cry Baby in 4K!

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