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Abigail Directors Tease A Brain-Melting Soundtrack And Jean Dawson’s End Credits Song

April 5, 20242 Mins Read

“Abigail” doesn’t just have a jukebox soundtrack. “We had a really amazing experience with Demi Lovato and with Mike Shinoda on ‘Scream VI,’ and just loved the feeling of being able to create some original music for the movie,” says Gillett. “So we brought Jean Dawson in to do the end song for this film.” 

The directors have been fans of Dawson’s since they discovered his music while putting together the “Scream VI” soundtrack. Gillett says that the song Dawson wrote for “Abigail” is “really cool, and we can’t wait for people to hear it” — but there’s no telling what to expect. Dawson isn’t an artist who can easily be pinned down to a particular genre, which ranges from the hip-hop pop-punk vibes of “Menthol” to chilled-out sea shanty “Pirate Radio.” He personally prefers not to put a label on it. “You can call me a hillbilly folksinger. Yeah, for sure. That sounds great,” Dawson said in an interview with Hypebeast last year. “‘Do you make rock music?’ Yeah, for sure! ‘Do you make rap music?’ Yeah, for sure!”

Whatever he’s cooked up for “Abigail,” the directors are happy with it. “It feels like something that if we can continue that trend in our own films, we absolutely will,” says Gillett. “There’s something so amazing about having a bespoke song to go out on.”

“Abigail” arrives in theaters on April 19, 2024. Tickets are on sale now.

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