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  • Irish Wish’s magical soundtrack builds the setting perfectly, enhancing the escape into the story’s charm.
  • The stellar cast creates lovable characters, with Paul serving as the only antagonist.
  • The diverse music selection adds depth to the viewing experience, making Irish Wish an enjoyable watch.

The songs in Netflix’s rom-com Irish Wish, combined with the original soundtrack, help build the setting in a magical way. Lindsay Lohan’s new movie tells the story of what happens when a woman gets her wish to marry the man of her dreams, but things don’t turn out as imagined. Though the movie was panned by critics, Irish Wish still has a certain charm that provides the perfect escapism. Part of this comes from its beautiful setting. Irish Wish was filmed on sight in Ireland, showing the many beautiful sights the country has to offer.

Additionally, Irish Wish includes a stellar cast who create lovable characters that are easy to route for, with the exception of Paul, who serves as the movie’s only antagonist. On top of this, the music rounds out the viewing experience to make Irish Wish enjoyable. The soundtrack and songs can be revisited by rewatching the movie or listening to the songs later on.


Irish Wish Perfectly References Lindsay Lohan’s $160.8M Hit From 21 Years Ago (& Hides A Deeper Meaning)

Irish Wish, Netflix’s movie starring Lindsay Lohan, perfectly references the actress’s 21-year-old movie with thematic parallels and a hilarious joke.

When Every Song On Irish Wish Soundtrack Plays In The Movie

“For Real” by Joy Bird: This song plays as everyone arrives at Paul Kennedy’s book release party. Maddie gets out of her car and watches as Paul gets out of his. The pair smile at each other. The music pauses as Maddie loses her scarf and then continues as the pair get up to the red carpet.

“I Belong To You” by Caro Emerald: When Maddie finds Paul at the bar early in Irish Wish, “I Belong to You” plays. She approaches him, thinking that he’s going to tell her that he has feelings for her. Instead, he asks her to edit his next book starting at the conception, rather than joining later.

“Dolce Vita” by Bastien Deshayes, Nicolas Clergue & Julie Gros: The electropop song plays when Paul meets Emma and helps her fix her fake eyelashes. It ends when Maddie interrupts and tells him it’s time for his book reading.

“Armor” by Aliana Lohan: The Alaina Lohan song plays as Heather, Emma, and Maddie leave the party in a cab. Heather insists that Emma and Paul hit it off while Maddie tries to push the idea that he wasn’t actually interested. However, this realization comes to a crashing halt when Emma shows Maddie that Paul gave her his phone number in the book.

“Wild Irish Heart” by Michael Damian: When James enters the bar and talks to the bartender, “Wild Irish Heart” plays in the background. James asks for a room upstairs, and the bartender says he’ll give him the room for free in exchange for one of his pictures. This song written for the movie still captures the sound of Irish music, giving a contemporary upbeat sound, rather than a traditional sound.


Irish Wish Review: Lindsay Lohan’s Second Netflix Rom-Com Is A Silly, Flawed Watch

Despite awkward dialogue and too much magical meddling, Netflix’s Irish Wish helped along by a swoon-worthy Ed Speleers and Lindsay Lohan.

“Drunk Maggie” by Studio City Sound Productions: This classic Irish song plays when Maddie and James enter the pub and meet James’ friend. It continues in the background as Maddie calls to tell Paul they’re stuck for the night and when James’ buddy asks who she is, thinking they’re together.

“Just Don’t Know It Yet” by New Hope Club: When Maddie and James have a heart-to-heart about James and his love life in Irish Wish, “Just Don’t Know It Yet” plays in the background. James also teaches Maddie how to play darts, coming up behind her and guiding her in an intimate way. The lyrics reference a love that hasn’t happened yet, hinting at the ending of Irish Wish, which includes James and Maddie getting together, instead of her marrying Paul.

“September” by Earth, Wind, & Fire: After the rehearsal dinner, everyone dances to “September.” Maddie overhears a conversation between Paul’s mom and James about him staying the night instead of going to a hotel. James leaves the room and Maddie sneaks out after him. The music gets softer and fades out as James and Maddie talk about him staying the night. They discuss their night at the pub.

“Goody Two Shoes” by Adam Ant: During the phone call between Maddie and her mom, this Adam Ant song plays as diegetic music on Maddie’s side whenever she’s speaking. After getting off the phone, she sees Paul dancing with Emma, feeling jealous of the pair. Maddie and Paul then talk about their vows and the wedding the next day.


Lindsay Lohan’s New Netflix Movie Is Way Too Similar To This 16-Year-Old Rom-Com

Despite being an original story, Lindsay Lohan’s new Netflix rom-com Irish Wish is way too similar to a recently popular 16-year-old rom-com.

“Let’s Dance” by David Bowie: This classic David Bowie song plays at the reception for Emma and Paul’s wedding. Maddie watches happily as everyone dances. Heather talks to Maddie about wanting a guy and then one magically appears. Emma comes over excitedly sharing with Maddie about how happy she is. The song continues until she starts walking out of the wedding in Irish Wish.

“Perfectly Imperfect” by Declan J. Donovan: When Maddie goes into the pub to find James, “Perfectly Imperfect” plays in the background. It continues as she walks into the town center, where James is sitting on a bench. She asks whether she can sit next to him, and the two share a warm moment.

“Comin’ Home” by Aliana Lohan: The song “Comin’ Home,” which was written for the movie by Lindsay Lohan’s sister, plays as the credits roll. The tone of the song is perfect to cap off the rom-com. The acoustic guitar with the soft fiddle gives the sound of Irish singer-songwriter music. It’s very stripped-down but effective.


Lindsay Lohan’s New Netflix Movie Gives A Twist To A Popular Rom-Com Released 27 Years Ago

Lindsay Lohan stars in Netflix’s upcoming rom-com Irish Wish, which gives an interesting twist to a beloved rom-com from the late 1990s.

Where To Listen To The Irish Wish Soundtrack

Ed Speleers and Lindsay Lohan standing close and looking at each other in Irish Wish

For viewers who want to revisit the magic movie and its Irish setting, all the individual songs from Irish Wish are available to listen to on major streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Additionally, the incredible score from the movie, written by composer Nathan Lanier, that’s found on Irish Wish Soundtrack is available on Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and Soundcloud. Some tracks from the score, like “Welcome to Ireland,” “Bicycles and Breakfast,” and “The Wild Hen,” will transport listeners back to the Emerald Isle and make them want to watch Irish Wish all over again.

Irish Wish Movie Poster

Irish Wish

Janeen Damian

Release Date
March 15, 2024

Riviera Films , Wild Atlantic Pictures


Kirsten Hansen

Lindsay Lohan , Ed Speleers , Alexander Vlahos , Ayesha Curry , Elizabeth Tan , Jacinta Mulcahy , Jane Seymour , Matty McCabe

93 Minutes

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