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Jack Black sings the Double Rainbow song to unofficially confirm he’s playing Steve in the Minecraft movie

April 17, 20243 Mins Read

Beloved loudster Jack Black has all but officially confirmed that he’s taking on the role of Steve in the upcoming Minecraft movie.

The pseudo-announcement of the casting, which was first rumored in January, came by way of an Instagram post (via GameSpot) which opens with Black signing a paean to a double rainbow—although I’m pretty sure that’s not actually a double rainbow. Maybe there’s some hidden meaning there?

Whatever the case, any pretense of subtlety goes out the window almost immediately. There’s no overlooking the sign bearing the word “Steve” and the Minecraft logo hanging on the door to Black’s trailer, and inside are several pictures of Steve hanging over the windows.

(Image credit: Jack Black (Instagram))

“Oh my god, what does it mean?” Black sings, echoing the words of Paul Vasquez, who found online celebrity as “Double Rainbow Guy” in 2010. “It’s so bright, so perfect.” He then flips the camera around to give us a quick, surely-meaningful grin, before cutting.

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