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China’s Crazy Remake of Giant Snake Movie ‘Anaconda’ Official Trailer

March 31, 20242 Mins Read

China’s Crazy Remake of Giant Snake Movie ‘Anaconda’ Official Trailer

by Alex Billington
March 31, 2024
Source: YouTube

Anaconda Remake Trailer

“This isn’t your territory. It’s their territory.” Another international remake of a Hollywood classic! China has already remade the 1997 action-horror film about giant snakes called Anaconda, which was a huge hit when it debuted in the 90s. This new version is similar but follows a group of circus performers stranded in a rainforest. They must figure out how to survive when they discover they’re marked as bait for the snakes. This Chinese remake stars Terence Yin, Nita Xia, Paul Che, Jiu Kong, Ken Lok, Wang Xing Chen, Wang Gang, Wang Zi Run, Xu Shao Hang, and Wu Hao. The original movie ended up with a few bad direct-to-video sequels (including Lake Placid vs. Anaconda in 2015) and Hollywood has also been trying to reboot it with screenwriter Evan Daugherty (of Snow White and the Huntsman, Killing Season, Divergent) hired to write a new script. Until then, this Chinese version might be just as ridiculously entertaining as the original, which infamously had a dead Jon Voight winking. Yes, this trailer does have English subtitles in it.

Here’s the full trailer (+ poster) for Hesheng Xiang & Qiuliang Xiang’s Anaconda, from YouTube (via SF):

Anaconda Remake Poster

Anaconda Remake Poster

A group of circus performers are stranded in a lush rainforest after the boat they were on, and the captain leading the way, are eaten and destroyed by an anaconda with a special red marking. They cross paths with a deadly poacher hunting the anaconda, who realizes that he might now have enough bait to catch him. But being circus performers, they have a few survival tricks up their sleeves. Anaconda (狂蟒之灾) is co-directed by Chinese filmmaker duo Hesheng Xiang & Qiuliang Xiang, also both directors of the films Exorcism Master, Monkey King and City of Demons, Water Monster 1 & 2, The Thousand Faces of Dunjia, Ghost Blowing Lantern in the South China Sea, and Hui Hun Zhi Ye most recently. No official screenplay credit is available for this remake. Produced by Sony Pictures Television and Columbia Pictures. The movie already opened in China first on March 1st, 2024. No US release date has been set – stay tuned. Any good?


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