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First trailer for Night Agent star’s new Netflix movie

May 21, 20243 Mins Read

Trigger Warning, the new film starring Jessica Alba and The Night Agent’s Gabriel Basso, has released its first trailer.

The Netflix film follows Parker (Alba), a special forces commando with PTSD, as she returns to her hometown upon hearing the news that her father has died.

As per the logline, “she soon finds herself in conflict with a local violent gang and draws on her training in order to deal with them, while also trying to unravel the conspiracy surrounding the truth about her father’s death.”

gabriel basso in trigger warning


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The action-packed trailer showcases Parker’s expertise in hand-to-hand combat, with the officer getting into a particularly gnarly encounter in a DIY store. There’s also some larger-scale action as assault rifles are used, with Parker also getting into a scrape in a bar.

Basso plays a local drug dealer who helps Parker on her way, with the supporting cast also including Anthony Michael Hall, Mark Webber, Jake Weary and Tone Bell. The thriller is directed by Mouly Surya, with the screenplay shared across four writers.

Alba, who has previously appeared in Fantastic Four and Sin City, spoke about the combat scenes and personal connection to the narrative in a recent interview with TUDUM, saying: “I haven’t really done hand-to-hand combat and intense action in such a long time.

jessica alba, trigger warning


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“I really wanted it to be a more intimate kind of fighting experience if I needed to take somebody out. I loved Luc Besson’s La Femme Nikita. I also loved Ripley [in Alien], and I love Sarah Connor in Terminator.

“My grandfather passed away in the process of developing this movie. I drew from a lot of that personal experience when I was doing the movie just because it literally just happened, and I got to actually use a lot of my family’s photos in the scenes in the bar.”

Trigger Warning will stream on Netflix from June 21.


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