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George Clooney and Brad Pitt Reunite as Hired Killers in ‘Wolfs’ Trailer

May 28, 20244 Mins Read

The Big Picture

  • George Clooney and Brad Pitt team up in the upcoming thriller Wolfs, set to premiere on September 20.
  • The film follows two “lone wolves” forced to work together to cover up a high-profile crime, leading to unexpected chaos.
  • Reactions to the film have been positive, with talks of a potential sequel already in the works. Clooney and Pitt even gave money back for a theatrical release.

There are certain movies at various time periods that are in the works but seemingly no one is talking about it as such. Wolfs seems to fit that description squarely as not much is known about the upcoming thriller with plot details being kept secret. Starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt in its leading roles, Wolfs (the spelling is intentional) is set to arrive in theaters this fall, premiering on September 20. The psychological thriller marks the first collaboration between Pitt and Clooney since the Ocean’s Eleven series and Burn After Reading. As part of the movie’s promotional campaign, Sony has released a teaser that features the pair’s reunion on screen.

The movie, which is a collaboration between Columbia Pictures and Apple Original Films, sees Clooney, per the official synopsis, playing “a professional fixer hired to cover up a high-profile crime. But when a second fixer (Pitt) shows up and the two ‘lone wolves’ are forced to work together, they find their night spiraling out of control in ways that neither one of them expected.” There are no words spoken in the teaser trailer, just the pair of Clooney and Pitt sat in a moving vehicle with a carload of uncomfortable silence, tension, a squeaky windshield wiper, and Clooney a thousand yard death stare. The actual trailer for the film drops worldwide tomorrow.

Filming on Wolfs which features these two A – list stars, was shot in New York City. The film was written and directed by three-time Spider-Man director Jon Watts, and alongside Clooney and Pitt, co-stars Academy Award Nominee Amy Ryan, Never Have I Ever‘s Poorna Jagannathan and Euphoria‘s Austin Abrams. Wolfs was first announced back in 2021, and its emergence triggered an old-fashioned bidding war among numerous studios. Ultimately, Apple TV Plus acquired the rights to the film – with the rights to theatrical distribution later being acquired by Sony. Discussing the film earlier in the year with Total Film, Cllooney said, “Uh… It’s a really good movie. I love this guy, Jon Watts. What a director. It’s out there. We just did a screening of it, and the place kind of went batshit for it. So, we’re excited about it. We think it’s a really fun, dark – very dark – nutty film… It feels like an R-rated Ocean’s film.”

‘Wolfs’ Already Has a Sequel Mapped Out

While the film is yet to premiere, Clooney and Watts seem confident in its success, and should that ultimately materialize, there are already plans for a sequel. Speaking to Deadline last year, Clooney revealed:

We’re already talking about a sequel for this film I did with Brad and Jon Watts. It was a great shoot, and Jon is an extraordinarily talented guy who’s also really joyful
. He loves what he does. We had a blast doing it, and we’ve seen it. It’s an off-the-charts great film, and it’s fun to work with Brad again. We had a really good time.”

He also adds that he and Pitt actually “gave money back” on the film to ensure Wolfs would get a theatrical release:

“We met with David Zaslav, and he was like, ‘look, I think every movie we do will go to streaming, but we want it released first because there’s an actual benefit in having your movie out, be successful, be promoted, and it actually changes how many people watch it in streaming.’

Brad and I made the deal to do that movie where we gave money back to make sure that we had a theatrical release
. At the time, that wasn’t as popular an opinion as it has become in the last year and a half now.

I think Netflix is considering buying theaters even, I’m not sure. But you look at ‘Oppenheimer’ and ‘Barbie,’ and establishing them as massive box office hits makes them massive hits on streaming as well.”

Wolfs premieres in theaters on September 20, 2024. Stay tuned to Collider for updates. Watch the trailer above.

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