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Is The New Twilight Movie 2024 Trailer Real? Explained

May 28, 20242 Mins Read

There are many things that can give me nightmares and a Twilight reboot is pretty high up on that list. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against vampires. Like my blood-drinking friends, I also have a strong dislike for the sun.

But Twilight has many themes that won’t survive criticism and scrutiny in the year 2024. For starters, an extremely adult man stalking and “imprinting” on a minor has always been a major ick point, to say the least. Many glossed over the more problematic elements upon the books and films’ initial releases, mostly because Robert Pattinson was so distractingly sparkly.

So imagine terror when I saw a trailer for Twilight: The New Chapter while casually doomscrolling. You’ll shortly see why I find this new addition to the Twilight series so horrific.

One bad edit after another

In case you haven’t caught on, this “trailer” isn’t a real trailer. It took clips from the previous Twilight movies and used AI to generate certain parts to make it seem like a new movie was underway. I find Twilight’s plotline to be problematic for the most part, but even worse than that are these AI-generated edits.

Vampires aren’t real (to my knowledge), and neither are werewolves. But nothing can be more fictional than this fan-made trailer. I had to blink a lot and check if I was even looking at Bella or Edward, because they looked nothing like themselves in some parts. Also, why is the Volturi coming back? The last time I checked, they settled on letting Renesmee exist in fear of the wrath of the Cullens.

When and where did the Volturi get the courage to return to try to ruin the lives of the Cullens? None of this is adding up to a cohesive plot. Thankfully, it’s brought me peace knowing that Twilight part six is just someone else’s twisted fantasy.

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