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See Josh Hartnett Play a Serial Killer Dad in Trap Trailer

April 19, 20241 Mins Read

Josh Hartnett‘s new role might even rival the Black Dahlia killer.

The Pearl Harbor actor appears to be playing a sinister villain in the first trailer of director M. Night Shyamalan‘s upcoming horror thriller, Trap.

The film—which hits theaters Aug. 9—stars Hartnett as a father who takes his daughter to a pop concert, but when he sees the venue surrounded by cop cars, he finds they’re actually at the center of a trap set up for Hartnett’s character, who is revealed to be the serial killer the police have been searching for.

But Shyamalan may have another big twist in store, as he’s known for his surprise endings in movies like The Sixth Sense and The Village. And casting Hartnett as someone very much against type is exactly what the filmmaker was hoping to achieve with the shocking revelation.

“To find somebody that’s a bonafide movie star, that’s a great human being, and is willing to risk everything, man, that’s a rare combination,” he told Nerd Reactor April 16. “And sometimes you think that doesn’t exist anymore, and then he walked in.” 

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