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The Wes Anderson Justice League Movie Trailer Is An Unsettling AI Fever Dream

April 6, 20242 Mins Read

It’s no secret that Warner Bros. had issues with “Justice League” and the overall trajectory of the DC Extended Universe. The studio spent $370 million on “Justice League” but it cost DC way more, as the film emerged as a critical and financial misfire. The failure of “Justice League” would mark the beginning of the end for the DCEU, with subsequent releases in the shared universe bombing. Execs and the creative team tried to elicit goodwill, but all attempts were futile. WB reportedly regrets releasing “Zack Snyder’s Justice League,” which has more critical clout than the maligned theatrical version. 

If Wes Anderson’s “Justice League” ever saw the light of day, it would be an interesting juxtaposition to Snyder’s dour film. The AI-made trailer imagines Anderson presenting a more hopeful, comedic, and inspiring version of the iconic team. That’s particularly reflected in the film’s cast, filled with some of the director’s frequent collaborators. Luke Wilson flies as Superman, while his brother Owen steps into the speedy shoes of the Flash. Meanwhile, Ben Stiller replaces Ben Affleck as Batman. Jeffrey Wright and Anderson’s fave Jason Schwartzman take on the roles of Cyborg and Aquaman, respectively. A particularly inspiring casting choice is Cate Blanchett as Wonder Woman. 

Anderson’s not-real “Justice League” echoes the same plot as the 2017 flick, with Lex Luthor (played by Ralph Fiennes) doing the bidding of Darkseid (voiced by Alec Baldwin). Oh, and for good measure, Bill Murray is cast as “Batman’s disappointed babysitter, Alfred.” 

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