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These lads’ insane GTA 6 trailer recreation makes us want a movie

April 12, 20242 Mins Read

Grand Theft Auto 6 might be the most anticipated video game of the modern era and some fans were so jazzed by the GTA 6 trailer drop earlier this year they decided to recreate it… in live action… shot for shot.

YouTuber Andrew Levitt posted the clip earlier this week, which is unerring in its accurate rendering of the Vice City landscape – the fictional location based on Miami and Miami Beach.

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Andrew and his pal Jacob have been all over the real life Vice City risking life and limb to shoot the imagery and borrowing news footage from elsewhere to recreate the trailer in impressive detail.

Andrew even got his girlfriend to act out the parts of the game’s chief character Lucia, while he played Jason – the other half of the Bonnie & Clyde-like criminal combo underpinning GTA 6.

As someone who lives near the fabled Vice City, there were several recognisable spots such as the Wynwood, Miami Beach, the Everglades, Biscayne Island, and Overtown areas in the city that’s embraced the Vice City moniker in recent years. The pair also head down to the Florida Keys for that bridge spot too.

The lads behind the video are now selling their itinerary for the real life Vice City tour (including the King of Diamonds dancing establishment) for $18 if you’re planning on a vacation to the Sunshine State any time soon. Overall, it’s a fantastic fan tribute that further whet our appetites for the oft-rumoured, GTA movie.

You can see their resulting efforts in the trailer and watch how it was done in the hilarious making-off video below below. Not bad, eh?

GTA 6 is expected in 2025.

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