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Jacob Elordi’s Next Movie Is Something We’ve Wanted For 17 Years

March 30, 20247 Mins Read


  • After a breakout year in movies, shining in award-nominated dramas Saltburn and Priscilla, Elordi has exciting roles lined up.
  • Elordi’s challenging role as Frankenstein’s monster showcases his desire to be a serious actor in a defining modern remake.
  • Guillermo del Toro’s all-star cast for Frankenstein adds to the anticipation, promising a new perspective on the classic tale.

Rising star Jacob Elordi has a big-ticket movie coming up, and it’s actually something film lovers have been waiting 17 years for. The 26-year-old Australian actor rose to international fame with his role in The Kissing Booth trilogy and then further solidified himself as a star playing Nate Jacobs in HBO’s Euphoria. While roles in teen dramas can sometimes be detrimental to a young star’s career, Jacob Elordi has prospered during the extended wait for Euphoria season 3. In 2023, he appeared in two award-nominated dramas, Saltburn and Priscilla, earning him respect as a serious actor.

With his successful breakout year in movies, Elordi immediately has a wave of exciting roles coming his way. In the Sofia Coppola biopic Priscilla, Elordi co-starred as Elvis Presley, a role he prospered in despite the famous musician just recently being portrayed by Austin Butler in Elvis. Elordi managed to stand out, offering a widely different interpretation. In Saltburn, Jacob Elordi shined as the wealthy Felix Catton in a supporting role behind Barry Keoghan, utilizing his charm to enhance the compelling thriller. Both projects are already considered among Elordi’s best movies and shows.

Jacob Elordi’s Frankenstein Movie Is Something GDT Has Been Discussing Since 2007

Acclaimed Director Guillermo Del Toro Has Been Mulling On His Frankenstein Adaptation For At Least 17 Years

Frankenstein Guillermo del Toro

While Jacob Elordi has only been attached to the Frankenstein movie for a few months, acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro has been discussing the project since 2007. In an interview for JoBlo.com in 2007, del Toro explained that the movie he “would kill to make” was a “Miltonian tragedy” version of Frankenstein. Previous Frankenstein movies have achieved varying degrees of success, though there hasn’t been an adaptation of Mary Shelley’s novel since Kenneth Branagh’s iteration in 1994. This makes a modern remake all the more exciting.

The original 1931 Frankenstein is a classic movie, but it could leave a lot to be desired for a modern film viewer. Such a timeless story deserves a faithful modern remake, and del Toro is the perfect director for the job. Guillermo del Toro’s best movies highlight his expertise in the realms of fantasy, mythology, and horror, the main components required to tell a powerful gothic monster tale. Especially given that it’s been a long-term passion project for del Toro, hopes are high for a defining modern Frankenstein movie akin to what James Whale’s version represented in the 20th century.

Jacob Elordi Is Very Exciting Casting For Frankenstein’s Monster

Jacob Elordi Can Bring Physicality To The Role, Which Is Also An Exciting Career Move

In del Toro’s Frankenstein, Jacob Elordi will play the monster, making it an exciting step in his prospering career. Of course, playing the monster won’t allow Elordi much verbal performance, but the role has always been associated with profound emotion and meaning. In the 1931 version, Boris Karloff managed to play the hulking creation with impressive sensitivity, making the monster the most human character in the film. Given Jacob Elordi’s current career trajectory, playing the monster is a perfectly suited challenge to demonstrate his talent.

Elordi opening himself up to such a challenge speaks to his genuine desire to be a committed and serious actor.

Like many young movie stars, Jacob Elordi has been regarded as a heartthrob, whether for The Kissing Booth or Saltburn. Playing Frankenstein’s monster will allow Elordi to completely transform into the role, forgoing his natural charm and handsome looks for a character that relies solely on his acting chops. It’s no secret in Hollywood that actors who are likable and attractive to audiences are bound to find more success, and Elordi opening himself up to such a challenge speaks to his genuine desire to be a committed and serious actor.

Aside from the Frankenstein’s monster role being exciting for Elordi from a career perspective, his addition to the movie is a thrilling casting. One thing that stands out in Elordi’s Elvis portrayal in Priscilla is his physicality, where his towering 6’5″ presence establishes a natural threat. Elordi can bring that same physicality to Frankenstein, creating a character who’s authentically frightful, making for one of the most iconic Frankenstein’s monster portrayals.

What Else Is Known About Guillermo del Toro’s Frankenstein Movie

Guillermo Del Toro’s Frankenstein Has A Top-Notch Cast And Will Offer A New Perspective

Aside from Jacob Elordi’s casting, other encouraging names are attached to Guillermo del Toro’s Frankenstein. Oscar Isaac is set to play Dr. Victor Frankenstein, the character who will likely share the most screen time with Elordi’s monster. Pearl star Mia Goth has also been cast in a starring role. Four compelling character actors round out the supporting cast, with Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds) leading the charge. Game of Thrones stars David Bradley, Charles Dance, and Ahsoka star Lars Mikkelsen have also been cast, all in unknown roles.

Guillermo del Toro’s movies typically stand out for their expert craftsmanship rather than ensemble casts, with Nightmare Alley being the only exception. From current announcements, del Toro’s Frankenstein is set to have his most impressive ensemble yet, with an exciting mix of young stars and veteran supporting players. Seeing what each actor brings to the table will be a ton of fun, though del Toro’s artistry and prosthetics could still be the highlight.

Elordi’s performance may defy the vernacular expectations for what Frankenstein’s monster is meant to be.

Del Toro has had some interesting thoughts that provide insight into his interpretation. In his original discussion from 2007, del Toro noted that he doesn’t believe the best moments from the Frankenstein book have been captured on screen. He added, “The only guy that has ever nailed for me the emptiness, not the tragic, not the Miltonian dimension of the monster, but the emptiness is Christopher Lee in the Hammer films, where he really looks like something obscenely alive.” With that in mind, Elordi’s performance may defy the vernacular expectations for what Frankenstein’s monster is meant to be.


Guillermo del Toro’s New Horror Movie Can Finally Do Justice To A Misunderstood Classic Monster

Guillermo del Toro’s next horror movie is the best chance there is for a proper adaptation of the most misunderstood classic monster.

Jacob Elordi’s Other Upcoming Movies & TV Shows

Every Movie And TV Series Jacob Elordi Has In Production

Jacob Elordi as Noah Flynn in The Kissing Booth 2.

After a busy movie year in 2023, Jacob Elordi is set to have another packed year in 2024. Frankenstein began filming in March, so an end-of-year release isn’t impossible, but it could end up coming out in 2025. In the meantime, Elordi does have a TV series scheduled for 2024 titled The Narrow Road to the Deep North, a World War II love story miniseries set in the Pacific theater. There’s no set release date, but it’s being produced by Prime Video and is set to have five episodes.

Jacob Elordi’s Upcoming Movies & TV Shows


Production Stage

The Narrow Road to the Deep North


On Swift Horses


Oh Canada



In Production



Euphoria Season 3


In terms of TV, Euphoria season 3 was another project he was signed on for, which has been delayed indefinitely. As for movies, it’s possible Elordi could have two promising film projects released in 2024. On Swift Horses, a book adaptation where he’ll co-star with Daisy Edgar Jones and other young actors is in post-production and could make it out in 2024. Oh Canada, written and directed by Paul Schrader, is also in post-production. Jacob Elordi’s final upcoming movie, Parallel, is in pre-production, with minimal information available.

Sources: JoBlo.com

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