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Mark Wahlberg’s New Movie Confirms A Harsh Reality After His Last 8 Releases

March 29, 20245 Mins Read


  • The release of
    Arthur the King
    confirms a worrying trend in Mark Wahlberg’s career, with recent films struggling at the box office.
  • Wahlberg’s shift to streaming platforms indicates he may no longer be the massive movie star he once was, facing a decline in box office success.
  • Despite the recent setbacks, Wahlberg’s upcoming film
    Flight Risk
    with Mel Gibson could potentially break his box office losing streak.

Mark Wahlberg’s latest movie, Arthur the King, was recently released in theaters, but the film’s performance confirms a harsh reality following his eight most recent releases. Walhberg has turned into a household name after getting his acting start in 1993, and he’s had many hits over the years. However, his most recent film continues a worrying trend in the actor’s career.

Arthur the King is based on a true story and sees Walhberg playing a real-life athlete and adventurer Michael Light. Despite garnering some praise for his performance, the overall mixed response shown towards the film hints that Wahlberg’s best movies may be behind him. More concerning is that Arthur the King follows a rather undesirable pattern that has emerged in Wahlberg’s career in recent years, and it’s to do with the film’s box office.

Arthur the King
is now playing in theaters.


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Mark Wahlberg has spent a decade trying to push his passion project through the studio system, but it might be time for the star to let it go.

Arthur The King Further Shows Mark Wahlberg Is No Longer A Box Office Draw

The Actor Doesn’t Have The Same Level Of Influence He Used To

Mark Wahlberg made a name for himself as a leading man in the 1990s and 2000s. Many of his films, including Boogie Nights,Planet of the Apes, The Departed, and Ted, all proved to be hits. Nevertheless, the actor’s career has taken a downward turn of late, and Arthur the King’s poor box office performance only reaffirms this. So far during the 2020s, Wahlberg has only had one real hit – 2022’s Uncharted. However, Uncharted‘s association with a popular video game franchise, as well as Tom Holland’s starring role, were likely greater factors in the film’s success.

Mark Wahlberg’s Last Eight Releases

The Family Plan

December 15, 2023

Me Time

August 26, 2022

Father Stu

April 13, 2022


February 18, 2022

Joe Bell

July 23, 2021


June 10, 2021


May 15, 2020

Spenser Confidential

March 6, 2020

Despite formerly being a relatively reliable box-office draw, nowadays, Wahlberg is arguably seen as more of a streaming star. Of his last eight movies, four of them – The Family Plan, Me Time, Infinite, and Spenser Confidential – were released directly onto streaming platforms. Wahlberg’s next film, The Unicorn, which is due to be released later this year, will be the actor’s third Netflix film in four years. A lack of box-office success, compounded by Arthur the King‘s underwhelming reviews, as well as a shift to streaming, demonstrates that Wahlberg is no longer the massive movie star he once was.

Mark Wahlberg’s Next Theatrical Release Could Fix His Box Office Streak

There Might Still Be Hope For Him Yet

Stu waving to his father in Father Stu

Aside from Unicorn, Mark Wahlberg has another film in the pipeline. Flight Risk will reunite Wahlberg with Mel Gibson, his Father Stu co-star, who is set to direct the film. Despite being a highly controversial figure, Gibson has a surprisingly solid box office record. All five of the titles he’s directed have been financially successful, which is promising for Wahlberg. Additionally, Flight Risk, which is described as a thriller, appears to be similar in nature to the kind of Wahlberg film that would have previously made over $100 million, meaning his losing streak may soon be over.

Films Directed by Mel Gibson

Worldwide Box Office Earnings

The Man Without a Face

$24.7 million


$213.2 million

The Passion of the Christ

$612.1 million


$120.6 million

Hacksaw Ridge

$180.5 million

Of course, Flight Risk‘s success is far from guaranteed, especially given the current state of the cinematic landscape. Mel Gibson’s last release, 2016’s Hacksaw Ridge, may have been a financial success, but it was released almost eight years ago and the movie world has changed dramatically in that time. Gibson provides Whalberg with a good opportunity for the actor to move on from the slump he’s found himself in – a slump epitomized by Arthur the King. However, both men undoubtedly face an uphill challenge.

Source: Box Office Mojo

Arthur the King Poster

Arthur the King

Arthur the King is an adventure movie starring Mark Wahlberg and Simu Liu. Based on a true story, Wahlberg plays Michael Light, a pro-adventure racer who connects with a stray dog named Arthur. On his journey to win a final race, Light learns the true meaning of victory and friendship as his endurance is pushed to the limit.

Simon Cellan Jones

Release Date
March 15, 2024

Mark Wahlberg , Simu Liu , Juliet Rylance , Nathalie Emmanuel , Ali Suliman , Bear Grylls , Paul Guilfoyle

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