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My Hero Academia Goes Dark in Epic New Movie 4 Trailer

April 6, 20243 Mins Read

My Hero Academia Movie 4: You’re Next has premiered a new trailer ahead of its release date on Aug. 2, 2024. With epic colors, visuals and art direction, the trailer reveals the name of its upcoming new villain: Dark Might.

Toho Animation’s YouTube channel revealed the latest trailer for the fourth movie, titled, “You’re Next.” Featured were Dark Might’s criminal syndicate, as well as heroes like Endeavour and Class 1-A students like Ochaco, Bakugo, Todoroki and Deku, with the latter character’s yell of “The likes of you could never be All Might!” setting the scene for the film. The trailer ends with Dark Might (voiced by Kenta Miyake) claiming that there’s a new symbol, replacing All Might’s Symbol of Peace, before reiterating the My Hero Academia Movie 4 release date of Aug. 2. Readers can check out the official trailer below.


My Hero Academia Officially Joins 100 Million Sales Club With Just 20 Other Series

My Hero Academia has officially passed 100 million manga copies in circulation, joining a club with just 20 other series like Dragon Ball & One Piece.

As previously announced, My Hero Academia author Kohei Horikoshi will supervise the film and provided the character designs, with Tensai Okamura (Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow) credited as the film’s director. My Hero Academia‘s studio Bones will again animate the series.

My Hero Academia Movie 4: You’re Next Is Preceded by MHA Season 7 on Crunchyroll

Ahead of Movie 4, My Hero Academia returns this month for Season 7. In addition to Crunchyroll’s Spring 2024 anime lineup, the streamer confirmed earlier this week that the latest season would be available on the platform, starting with the recap My Hero Academia: Memories before the series’ proper beginning with all-new material on May 4, 2024.


Weekly Shonen Jump Numbers Rank Its Top 10 Best-Selling Series of All Time

Following the 100 million milestone of My Hero Academia, a list compiling the top 10 best-selling Shonen Jump manga to date has been created.

The official website details the plot of My Hero Academia the Movie: You’re Next, which also leads into the upcoming Season 7. The synopsis reads: “In the spring of Deku and his friends’ second year at U.A. High School, an all-out war broke out between Heroes and Villains. Deku confronts Tomura Shigaraki, who has acquired formidable power, and the two clash violently. Both Heroes and Villains suffered serious damage, and the battle came to a temporary end when Shigaraki retreated, but the time for another showdown was drawing nearer every second. The time for another decisive battle was drawing nearer. Suddenly, a mysterious giant fortress appeared in a society devastated by the all-out war, swallowing up towns and people one after another. Then, a man who seems to be a ‘symbol of peace’ stands before Deku and his friends…….”

Deku and all of Class 2-A ready for battle on the My Hero Academia Poster

My Hero Academia

First Film
My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

Latest Film
My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission

First TV Show
My Hero Academia

First Episode Air Date
April 3, 2016

Daiki Yamashita , Justin Briner , Nobuhiko Okamoto , Clifford Chapin , Ayane Sakura , Yûki Kaji

Source: Toho Animation Channel

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