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Upcoming Marvel Movie May Be Surprise MCU Sequel

May 29, 20242 Mins Read

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is layered with solo movies, sequels, and crossovers. As it turns out, one such upcoming Marvel movie is now actually being speculated to be a surprise MCU sequel. This would definitely be a surprise for fans, though perhaps one that isn’t unexpected.

Of course, the following speculation has yet to be confirmed in any official way. As shared by an insider, the  film was compared to the way Captain America: Civil War was a Captain America sequel. However, it’s a much different film that this particular team-up movie would follow.

Here’s what was shared:

Alex Perez (via CBM) claims that Thunderbolts is “just a Black Widow sequel the same way Civil War was a Captain America sequel… Yelena’s handling Red Room remnants and then gets sidetracked with Thunderbolts*.”

And, while this has yet to be officially confirmed, a piece from THR does add evidence. According to the outlet, Black Widow star Florence Pugh is “at the top of the call sheet” for Thunderbolts. It seems likely that this new film does revolve around her character, Yelena, and how she must become part of the superhero team Thunderbolts.

One reason the potential Marvel sequel has so much speculation behind it is due to an ambiguous title change. Marvel Studios has started to market the film with an asterisk at the end of the title, making the movie “Thunderbolts*”. It seems as though the title is set to be changed once the movie hits theaters, with many fans trying to figure out why.

Additionally, a number of set photos from the film’s production have surfaced online. Though they don’t contain any of the film’s cast, you can see them below.

Hopefully all of this new information is just the beginning for fans to learn more about Thunderbolts and what Marvel Studios has planned for the project. Stay tuned to ScreenGeek for any additional Marvel Cinematic Universe news as we have it. In the meantime, we’ll have to see how Thunderbolts turns out and what exactly happens to be in store for the movie.

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