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3 underrated action movies on Amazon Freevee you should watch in January

January 7, 20243 Mins Read

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There’s a lot to admire about Amazon Freevee, especially because it is a way to watch movies for free outside of Prime Video. Yet there’s also an incredible amount of dreck on Freevee, especially if you’re looking for an action movie. This must be where direct-to-video action movies go in the digital afterlife now that few people are buying DVDs anymore.

Regardless, there are still some hidden gems to be found, and that’s why we’ve put together this list of the three underrated action movies on Amazon Freevee that you should watch in January. Fair warning: More recent films like Baby Driver don’t tend to stick around on Freevee for very long, so catch it while you can.

Baby Driver (2017)

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Don’t let the name of Baby Driver throw you off. This is not some kiddie flick. It’s an action thriller from Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright, starring Ansel Elgort as Baby, a getaway driver forced to work for a local crime lord, Doc (Kevin Spacey). After several successful heists, Baby thinks he’s earned his freedom, and he pursues a romance with a waitress named Debora (The Iron Claw‘s Lily James).

But there wouldn’t be a movie if life was that easy for Baby. Instead, Doc compels him to take part in one last heist alongside Buddy (Jon Hamm), Darling (Eiza González), and Bats (Jamie Foxx), a sadistic man who already dislikes Baby from their previous experience together. It’s a formidable group, but it’s also only a matter of time before someone gets in the way of Baby and the life he wants to have.

Watch Baby Driver on Freevee.

Willy’s Wonderland (2021)

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If you imagine what the Five Nights At Freddy’s movie could have been like with Nicolas Cage in the leading role, then you’d probably end up with Willy’s Wonderland, a movie that shamelessly lifts the premise of the Five Nights At Freddy’s video games. Cage plays an unnamed janitor duped into working overnight at the downtrodden Willy’s Wonderland entertainment center.

Like clockwork, the animatronic creatures — including Willy Weasel, Arty Alligator, Cammy Chameleon, and Ozzie Ostrich — come to life and try to kill the janitor. But these creeps have messed with the wrong man. Meanwhile, a teenager named Liv Hawthorne (Emily Tosta) tries to end the horror of Willy’s Wonderland by burning the place down. Once she realizes that the janitor is still inside, Liv risks her life to help him get out. With their escape cut off, the janitor and Liv must work together to survive.

Watch Willy’s Wonderland on Freevee.

Running Scared (1986)


Running Scared is the perfect movie for Freevee because it’s the kind of quality action flick that’s been quietly forgotten in the last four decades. Gregory Hines and Billy Crystal co-headline the film as Ray Hughes and Danny Costanzo, two Chicago cops who almost lose their lives when they try to take down Juilo Gonzales (Jimmy Smits), a drug dealer who has ambitions of moving up in the underworld.

After their close brush with death, Ray and Danny realize that they’re ready to leave the life of cops and crooks behind them. However, once they learn that Gonzales is still running free, they vow to bring him to justice before they turn in their badges.

Watch Running Scared on Freevee.

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