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30 Best Sci-Fi Movies Streaming [March 2024]

March 6, 20241 Mins Read

Published in 1965, Frank Herbert’s “Dune” is a sci-fi landmark, one that tells a story of powerful families, religious wars, and the legacy of imperialism in an expansive galaxy. There have been multiple attempts to adapt the book for the screen, including a David Lynch version released in 1984, but no attempt has come close to the success of Denis Villeneuve’s 2021 adaptation. The film perfectly captures the essence of Herbert’s novel, effortlessly conveying the scope and scale of the space age epic. The first film in a two-part series, “Dune” only tells half a story, but with its pitch-perfect casting, mind-blowing effects and camerawork, and Oscar-winning score from Hans Zimmer, it perfectly sets up Frank Herbert’s incredible world.

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