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Keanu Reeves reveals the favourite movies of his career

December 27, 20233 Mins Read

Few contemporary actors have transcended the boundaries and limits of the screen itself quite like Keanu Reeves. Not only has the legendary actor performed in some of the most memorable movies of the last 30 years or so, but he’s also developed a reputation for being one of the most honest and genuine stars in Hollywood.

While Reeve’s off-set actions are incredibly commendable, one mustn’t forget about his brilliant filmography, through which he has proven his quality in a wide range of roles, from the action and intensity of Speed and The Matrix to the horrors of the underworld in Constantine.

It’s fair to say that Reeves’ career has been one of extreme highs, but that leaves the question of which movies the iconic actor considers his favourite. Would his breakout appearance in Bill and Ted make the top of the list, or his transition into an action star with Point Break, or even his most memorable effort in the shape of Neo?

During an AMA session on Reddit, Reeves was asked which project he has worked on is his favourite, and he humorously replied, “I’ve been very fortunate to work on a few films that have changed my life. I can’t pick just one. But here are a few.” 

The Hollywood legend then proceeded to reel off his top choices from across his career, and unsurprisingly, we find his appearance in the Wachowkis’ beyond-iconic science fiction movie The Matrix. Reeves played the saviour of future humankind in one of his best performances, immortalising it as one of the best movies ever made.

Point Break also makes an appearance, easily one of the best action movies of all time, proving upon release that Reeves possessed far more potential than many had expected of him. The actor couldn’t forget his breakout performance in the 1980s comedy Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, which set him on the path to stardom.

Then, there are some more interesting choices, such as Reeves’ chance to work alongside Al Pacino on the 1997 supernatural horror drama The Devil’s Advocate, which is perhaps one of Pacino’s most underrated movies. Richard Linklater’s rotoscope animated adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s novel A Scanner Darkly also makes the cut.

There’s also a touching tribute to River Phoenix in the form of Gus Van Sant’s drama My Own Private Idaho. While it’s clear that Reeves has been as comfortable on the independent circuit, he’s also got great prowess on the blockbuster stage, too, and rounds of his list of favourites with the inclusion of John Wick, and rightly so.

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