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Unlock and Watch Hidden Movies with Netflix Secret Codes (2024)

January 5, 20244 Mins Read

Deep in the recesses of the Netflix library are thousands of secret codes that unlock extra streaming content. This Netflix hidden menu isn’t readily available, but these codes let you browse categories and genres that are likely not appearing on your home screen.

How to Unlock Hidden Netflix Content to See Everything

Browse all movies and shows on Netflix using any web browser on a PC or smartphone. To send the movie to your television, it’s easy to cast or mirror your screen.

To unlock the door to the Netflix hidden library, choose a code from the lists below. Once you’ve found a code, type this URL into your web browser: (replace CODE with the category-specific code from the list below).

Netflix content varies, and not all codes work at all times in all locations. Recheck codes to see if the category becomes available in your area, and turn off any VPN you might be using on your computer.

For example, to watch Asian action movies, you would type into your browser to see the Asian Action Movies landing page.

Holiday and Festive Content Codes

Looking for some holiday cheer not normally seen on Netflix? Try the streaming giant’s ‘Here for the Holidays’ section of films and TV shows. Netflix code 81346420 can get you started with a selection of Twisted Christmas content.

Codes for Action-Adventure Entertainment

Netflix is home to tons of action-adventure genres hosting old favorites and movies you may never have heard of before. Use Netflix code 1365 to see all of Netflix’s action-adventure offerings, or check out these subcategories.

Codes for Comedy

The Netflix code for comedies is 6548, opening up a vast array of romantic comedies, action comedies, and more. To narrow your focus, try these codes to go directly to comedy niches and subcategories.

Comedy Subcategories

Comedy Niches

Here are a few codes to go directly to your favorite comedy stars’ work:

Codes for LGBTQ Movies

If you’re looking for entertainment with gender and sexuality diversity, Netflix has a number of excellent offerings. Use Netflix code 5977 to unlock the category, or browse niches with these codes.

Codes for Justice and Vindication Movies

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of seeing wrongs made right. Try these Netflix codes to find courtroom and political dramas:

Codes for Family and Children’s Fare

These codes will make finding a movie for the whole family much easier.

Family-Friendly Entertainment

Codes for Scary Movies

If you like snuggling up with popcorn and a good scary movie, Netflix has a huge assortment to choose from.

Codes for Documentaries

Real life is often more interesting than anything fiction has to offer. Check out these documentary genres you may have missed.

Codes for Binge-Watching

If you’re looking to spend a weekend binge-watching some amazing entertainment, check out these genres you may not have encountered before.

Codes for Underdog Entertainment

If you love rooting for the underdog and watching them succeed, check out these dramas that celebrate unheralded greatness.

Codes for Faith and Spirituality

Netflix isn’t known for its faith and spirituality offerings, but these codes reveal a wealth of quality viewing.

Codes for Art House Movies

If you’re into Art House movies, there’s no shortage on Netflix if you search these secret codes.

Codes for Road Trip Movies

These hidden codes open up a selection of road trip comedies and dramas.

Codes for Sports Movies and Entertainment

Use the general Netflix code 4370 to open up a plethora of hidden sports content, or use these codes to narrow down sports genres and niches.

Codes for Romantics

If you’re a hopeless romantic, check out these codes to open up tons of rom-coms and romantic dramas.

Codes for Musicals

Use these codes to unlock musicals of all genres.

Codes for Bollywood

Here are the codes to unlock the best of Bollywood entertainment.


  • How do I enter Netflix codes on a smart TV?

    To enter Netflix codes on a smart TV, launch the Netflix app and navigate to the search function. Then, use your remote to enter the code in the search box. The resulting content will match the code’s genre.

  • How do I enter Netflix codes on a PS4?

    While there’s no way to enter a secret code on a PS4, there’s a workaround. Navigate to the search function and type in the genre you’re looking for. In the results, look for Explore titles related to and select the specific genre you’re seeking.

  • How do I enter Netflix codes on an iPhone?

    Launch the Netflix app on your iPhone > tap Search. Enter the code in the search box.

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