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50 Best Monster Movies Of All Time To Watch Right Now

March 14, 20242 Mins Read

Movie monsters come in many shapes, sizes and species, from parasitic slugs to reanimated dinosaurs to creeping mounds of space gelatin. Some are meant to symbolise social ills or reflect the deepest, darkest human fears, while others are clearly reflective of the issues their designers have been working on in therapy. In other cases, some monsters are just unholy beasts that are often nauseating to look at but impossible to turn away from, driven only by pure instinct.

All that said, a great movie monster doesn’t necessarily make for a great monster movie. In the case of these movies, the monster might drive the action, but there’s more going on than just awesome effects and righteous kills. To help sort the beastly from the bogus, we put a few parameters in place. First off, no zombies or vampires – those guys warrant lists of their own. Secondly, no humans. Apologies to Freddy, Jason, Michael and Henry from Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, but you are not the kind of monsters we’re looking for. Rather, we loaded up on killer rabbits, killer plants, killer fish, killer clowns, killer aliens and killer giant sandworms – and even then, it was hard to choose the bloodthirstiest of the bunch. But we did the best we could. 

Written by Tom Huddleston, Adam Lee Davies, Andy Kryza, Paul Fairclough, David Jenkins & Matthew Singer


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