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Disney’s Hercules #1 Preview Promises Epic Adventure – Comic Book Movies and Superhero Movie News

March 18, 20242 Mins Read

Ancient myths spoke of heroes with great powers long before the first comic books. One of the greatest of these heroes was Hercules, whose adventures have been repeatedly adapted ever since. Now, Disney has partnered with Dynamite Entertainment to tell more tales of the Prince of Power in a monthly comic.

The new series picks up where the original 1997 Disney film left off. Forsaking the heights of Olympus and immorality, Hercules continues to fight a never-ending battle to protect mere mortals from various threats. He is aided in this by his girlfriend, Megara, his trainer, Phil, and his trusty steed, Pegasus.

As the comic opens, Hercules is summoned to the temple of Aphrodite. It seems the goddess of love chose to reward a sculptor who fell in love with one of his creations. Unfortunately, her efforts to bring the statue to life have not gone according to plan. Meanwhile, a sinister force watches Hercules and schemes, hinting at the epic tale to come.

Six pages from Hercules #1 can be viewed below.

Hercules 1 Page 1
Hercules 1 Page 2-3
Hercules 1 Page 4
Hercules 1 Page 5
Hercules 1 Page 6
(Image Source: Dynamite Entertainment / George Kambadais)

Disney’s Hercules #1 Creative Team

The creators at Dynamite have done a fantastic job of replicating the spirit of the original Disney film. The script by Emmy Award winning writer Elliott Kalan is full of humor. The voices of the established characters are all but audible throughout the book. While Herc and Meg may be a couple, Meg is still as snarky as ever regarding her “Wonderboy” and his idealism. There is also a fair bit of action and slapstick to balance the wit.

The artwork by George Kambadais finds a fair compromise between the distinctive art style of the Hercules movie and the more fluid form demanded by a comic. The distinctive characters are recognizabl, however, they somehow seem more active under Kambadais’ pencil than they did as moving pictures. All in all, this preview promises a comic as epic as the original tails of Hercules.

Disney’s Hercules #1 is scheduled for release on April 10, 2024.

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