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  • Fans eagerly await Remo Williams 2 to revive the mid-80s cinematic legacy of martial arts and espionage.
  • Gordon Smith’s involvement in a new TV show offers hope for a serialized adaptation rich with character depth.
  • Sony’s plan for a comprehensive reboot signals a departure from the standalone narrative of the original movie.

The legacy of Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins endures as a quintessential slice of mid-80s cinema, and fans have been waiting for Remo Williams 2 for decades. The original movie is based on Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir’s TheDestroyer pulp novel series and aimed to kickstart a franchise mirroring the success and longevity of its literary counterpart, which spans over 150 books. Despite its ambitions and a charismatic performance by Fred Ward as the titular character, the film’s underwhelming box office reception left its sequel and broader franchise ambitions unfulfilled.

The combination of martial arts, espionage, and the mentor-protégé dynamic between Remo Williams and Chiun, master of Sinanju, has retained a cult following, underlining the potential for a revival in today’s landscape of serialized storytelling. The Destroyer series itself, a cornerstone of pulp fiction, offers a sprawling narrative canvas rich with satire, martial arts mystique, and the nuanced dynamics of its central characters. These elements provide a fertile ground for adaptation, echoing the serialized nature of modern movies and television that crave expansive universes with deep lore and character-driven plots, leading to the potential for Remo Williams 2.


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Remo Williams 2 Latest News

Better Call Saul’s Gordon Smith Will Spearhead A Remo Williams TV Show

The announcement that Gordon Smith will spearhead a new show based on the Destroyer series as both writer and executive producer stirred considerable excitement. Smith, renowned for his acclaimed work on Better Call Saul, brings a pedigree of crafting deeply layered narratives, characterized by a blend of drama, subtle humor, and meticulous character development. This development signals a promising direction for the adaptation, leveraging Smith’s expertise in storytelling that balances action with character depth.

His contributions to the world of Breaking Bad are some of the best Better Call Saul episodes showcase his ability to navigate complex storylines involving crimes, schemes, and character arcs, promising a fresh and invigorating take on Remo Williams. Smith’s involvement suggests that the new series will not only pay homage to the essence of The Destroyer novels but also inject a modern sensibility that could resonate with today’s audience, ensuring that the spirit of Remo Williams is faithfully adapted while being accessible to newcomers.

Remo Williams 2 Is Not Confirmed (But A TV Show Is In The Works At Sony)

Sony Will Forge An “International Action/Adventure Universe”

Remo on top of a building in Remo Williams

While Remo Williams 2 is not confirmed, in 2022, it was revealed that Sony is developing a television show based on The Destroyer series, marking a significant step toward bringing Remo Williams back to the screen. However, this project is unlikely to serve as a direct sequel to the original movie. Instead, the aim appears to be a comprehensive reboot that draws from the series’ extensive library to forge a “cohesive and iconic international action/adventure universe.” This approach indicates a departure from the standalone narrative of the 1985 film, opting for a broader exploration of the source material.

The decision to reboot rather than continue the original film’s narrative allows for creative freedom, enabling the showrunners to delve into the diverse and rich universe created by Murphy and Sapir. By tapping into the extensive catalog of The Destroyer novels, the series has the potential to offer a sprawling narrative canvas that can sustain multiple seasons of intrigue and adventure. As of yet, there is no Remo Williams TV show release date, and there haven’t been any updates since the initial announcement.

Unofficial Remo Williams 2 Movie & Canceled Film Series Explained

A Fan-Made Movie Was Released In 2017, & Shane Black Almost Made A Remo Willams Movie

Chuin gives Remo a thumbs down in Remo Williams

The saga of Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins is a fascinating case study in the world of cinematic sequels and reboots that never quite materialized, encapsulating the trials and aspirations of transforming a popular book series into a film franchise. Despite the original 1985 film’s cult status and the expansive source material from the Destroyer series, its journey through Hollywood’s development labyrinth showcases the challenges of adapting serialized stories for the big screen.

As the subtitle suggests, the original movie, Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, was intended to be the first in a series of films, laying the groundwork for a sprawling franchise akin to James Bond. However, its underwhelming box office performance and mixed critical reception halted these ambitious plans. The movie made just $14.4 million worldwide (via Box Office Mojo). Remo Williams‘ blend of action, humor, and unique characters, while appealing to a dedicated fanbase, did not translate into the mainstream success necessary to justify further installments at the time.

In 2017, an unofficial sequel emerged, piquing the interest of die-hard fans and reigniting discussions about the franchise’s potential. Remo Williams 2: The Adventure Continues, more a fan-made labor of love than a studio-backed endeavor, showcased the enduring appeal of the character and his world. Although not recognized as part of the official canon nor receiving backing and distribution from major studios, this sequel exemplifies the passion surrounding the Remo Williams character and the broader Destroyer series.

The potential for a reboot under the guidance of Lethal Weapon director Shane Black offered a glimmer of hope for revitalizing Remo Williams’ cinematic journey in 2014 (via JoBlo). Known for his sharp, witty writing and dynamic action sequences, Shane Black seemed like a perfect fit to breathe new life into the franchise. His writing on films such as Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Iron Man 3 demonstrated his ability to balance action, humor, and character development, aligning well with the tone and style of the Destroyer series.


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A Shane Black-directed Remo Williams film could have infused the project with his signature blend of fast-paced action, quick-witted dialogue, and complex characters, potentially addressing the shortcomings of the original film and reimagining Remo Williams for a new audience. Shane Black’s box office success was also a great sign for the Remo Williams movie. This project, however, like many in Hollywood, faced development hell and was seemingly yet another Remo Williams project that fell through.

The journey of Remo Williams from the page to the screen, through attempted sequels and reboots, illustrates the complex interplay between source material, audience expectations, and the ever-evolving landscape of film production. While the original film and its unofficial sequel hold a special place in the hearts of fans, the saga of Remo Williams 2 remains a poignant reminder of the unpredictable nature of film adaptations and the enduring appeal of well-crafted characters and stories.

The Remo Williams TV Show Cast

Nobody Has Been Cast As Remo Williams Or Chiun

Remo standing in front of a U.S. flag in Remo Williams

Casting details for the Remo Williams TV show remain shrouded in mystery, with no actors linked to the project. This leaves the door open for speculation about who will step into the shoes of the iconic characters, particularly the roles of Remo Williams and his mentor, Chiun. Fred Ward, who played the character Remo Wiliams: The Adventure Begins, passed away in 2022. Considering the direction of a reboot and the passage of time, Sony will be looking in another direction anyway. The casting decisions will be pivotal, requiring actors who can embody the depth, humor, and complexity of these characters.


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The Remo Williams TV Show Story

The Show Could Reflect The Geopolitical & Social Anxieties Of Today, Just Like The Novels

Remo grabs a man by his throat in Remo Williams

The Destroyer series is a treasure trove of potential stories, with its roots deeply embedded in the action-adventure and espionage genres. The central character, Remo Williams, who is rescued from death row and transformed into a superhuman assassin for a secret U.S. government organization called CURE, offers a flexible and dynamic lead for a television series. His mentor, Chiun, a master of Sinanju, which is described as the “sun source” of all martial arts, provides not only comic relief with his sharp wit and wisdom but also serves as a cultural bridge, teaching Remo the ancient ways of his art.

Given the breadth of material, the Remo Williams TV show could delve into any of the high-stakes missions Remo and Chiun embark on, from thwarting terrorist plots and dealing with supernatural threats to dismantling corrupt political schemes. Each novel often reflects the geopolitical and social anxieties of its time, allowing the show to either stay true to the period settings or update the stories for a contemporary audience.

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