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Eye of the Tiger | Indiana Jones’ last adventure

May 18, 20233 Mins Read

Indiana Jones is one of the most beloved series. It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t love Raiders of the Lost Ark and almost all of the other movies in the series are beloved. I grew up loving the franchise mostly from the Lego game, so the movies aren’t really my forte, but I still love them.

Dial of Destiny is the fifth movie in the Indiana Jones series and appears to have storylines from an older Indiana Jones and his younger self as well. 

The de-aging technology Disney uses for the trailers isn’t flawless. It looks uncanny at some points but other than that the rest of the parts using it are pretty good-looking. It’ll be weird seeing an 80-year-old Harrison Ford act in an action movie but I have faith he’ll be good.  

The movie’s story will follow Indy from World War 2 and the old man’s version of him. He will also be accompanied by his goddaughter Helena, who seems like she will be a foil to Indiana Jones’ plans while also being a sidekick. The accompanying characters in an Indiana Jones movie are always entertaining, so I’m excited to see how a  new iteration of the trope would play out.

The story will follow a younger Indiana Jones and his search for the namesake Dial of Destiny.       

He will be fighting against the Nazis, as is tradition for these films. The movie will also see an older version of Indy trying to find the dial again, perhaps it could follow both versions of Indy having a parallel between his journeys. 

The movie will be directed by James Mangold who has a pretty good track record with movies like Logan and Ford v Ferarri. The movie was co-written by several people but most notably David Koepp who wrote for Jurassic Park and the Sam Rami Spider-Man films. This movie is the first not directed by Steven Spielberg but he told an audience at a Time 100 Summit that “When the lights came up I just turned to the group and said, ‘Damn! I thought I was the only one who knew how to make one of these.” This sounds like it could live up to the standards of the previous movies.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny will be Harrison Ford’s last time playing Indy on screen, which does not come as a surprise. Honestly, I’m surprised he even did this movie considering he’s 80 years old but the Disney paycheck must have been worth it.  This movie is a send-off to the series so hopefully, it’s the last one and doesn’t continue with series and spin-offs.    

Indiana Jones is a series that has been in the hearts of many for a long time so hopefully, it gets the sendoff it rightly deserves.

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