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Infamous 1981 Adventure Movie Filmed By Speed Director Divides Stuntmen For “Exploitative” Use Of Real Lions

January 12, 20241 Mins Read

Roar, a 1981 film, used real lions and resulted in multiple animal attacks, making it one of the most dangerous movies ever made. The cast and crew, including the cinematographer, experienced serious injuries, with reported 48 injuries within the first two years of filming. Roar is seen as an exploitation of animals, with some questioning whether these scenes should even be considered stunt work.

A stuntman reacts to Roar‘s use of real lions in a new video. Released in 1981, the film follows a family living on a nature preserve in Africa with lions. Noel Marshall starred alongside his real-life wife, The Birds star Tippi Hedren, her daughter Melanie Griffith, and his sons John and Jerry Marshall. Roar, which took a total of 11 years to complete production, infamously used real lions, which resulted in countless injuries, and was deemed one of the most dangerous movies ever made.

In the latest episode of Corridor Crew’s “Stuntmen React” series,…

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