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Is Migration a fun family adventure film?

January 20, 20245 Mins Read

UNIVERSAL PICTURES’ Migration is a fun adventure film about a family of mallards who decided to explore the world, travelling from their habitat, to New York all the way to Jamaica.

It may seem straightforward, but as it progresses, the mallards experienced a plethora of bumps on their way.

The general narrative is somewhat predictable and cliche as this can be normally associated with adventure films, but the overall atmosphere of Migration has produced a lot of laughs that the general audience would appreciate.



A colorful cast of characters

The character development from this film is one of its biggest green flags as one could sympathize at their overall progression.

For example let’s assess the main character, Mack Mallard, who starts off as obnoxious and unlikeable but he eventually evolves into someone who the audience will appreciate.

His transition from a cowardly mallard to a caring and brave fatherly figure is one of the best moments in the film, and this was further showcased with how he and his wife, Pam Mallard, escaped from the clutches of the head chef inside the helicopter.

But Mack wasn’t the only one who stood out in this film as his children have also had their limelight as well.

Dax’s narrative as someone who wanted to prove that he can step away from his father’s shadow is a story that was properly explored.

However the narratives of the characters weren’t the only major highlights as each stood out all thanks to the incredible voice acting. Elizabeth Banks truly shined as Pam and the same can be said with Awkwafina as Chump, and Keegan-Michael Key as Delroy.


Then there’s Tresi Gazal as Gwen who deserves a lot of props for her wholesome portrayal of her character, which was extremely touching. We even had a huge chuckle when she forced herself to beg.

And even the characters with only a brief apperance had their moments. Take for instance, Carol Kane who portrayed the creepy Heron at the beginning, yet she managed to make the character memorable despite the limited screentime.



Brilliant animation

While the voice-acting and cast of characters truly made Migration a fun film to watch, Illumination brought the best of the film through its animations.

During the film’s production, it was noted that the director Benjamin Renner took inspiration from the expressions of wild animals.

His decision paid off and this was evident with how the visuals were presented. Each of the characters’ movements were beautifully crafted, which was highlighted at the very end when Delroy was dancing with the other birds.

But it wasn’t just the animals in the film who offered the best animations. The human characters and their movements were likewise worth highlighting as well, specifically the part where the birds are going on a heist to secure the key and save Delroy.

From the tango scene all the way to the chef preparing his meal, this scene alone showcases the prowess of Illumination Studios.



Is the plot too cliche?

While Migration has a lot of highs, there are still some concerns that are worth pondering at. Given the traditional adventure encounters dilemma formula, does the film has something else to offer?

While its colorful cast of characters have indeed stood out, it’s plot doesn’t. Migration’s story doesn’t seem to stand out from other family-oriented animated films.


Perhaps because there were elements that were missing. For instance, Mack’s sudden change of heart to migrate. Before their journey, he was hesitant to take his family to other places and it made me wonder as to why?

He did mention that the outside world is dangerous, and while it made sense for him to say that, I believe this could’ve been improved if there was further exploration into his background, alongside that of his uncle.

A thorough assessment into this narrative could further flesh out the relationship between Mack and his son Dax, which could further enhance the overall conflict of the film.

Plus I even considered tapping into the potential of the film’s title, Migration, which is relevent to society in general…though this might be too profound for a Universal Studios animated film.




Indeed Migration is a fun family adventure film for kids and grown ups alike, though it can be argued that the film could still soar upward if the overall themes offer some deep insights.

The humor and light-hearted tone was spot on and perhaps this could explain why Renner opted for a more straightforward approach in conducting the film’s narrative.

And there are still other notable positives from the film such as its overall soundtrack. John Powell’s composition perfectly captures the tone of the film.

While it certainly has some flaws, in the end Renner manages to capture our attention as his overall direction has brought us some smiles.

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