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The 18 Best Jackie Chan Movies Ranked

September 18, 20231 Mins Read

Action isn’t quite the focus of “Mr. Canton and Lady Rose,” but don’t let that scare you away. The film is available under numerous titles, including “Miracles,” “Black Dragon,” and “The Canton Godfather,” but whichever version you find is a guaranteed treat. A loose remake of Frank Capra’s “Pocketful of Miracles” (1961), the film sees Chan as a young man whose luck picks up after buying a rose from an old woman. That connection leads directly to him becoming a big boss with a gang of thugs beneath him, but his efforts to take their shenanigans straight leads to conflict and hijinks.

While comedy, romance, and kindness are the main threads, the film makes time for spectacular action too. Smaller fights and sequences show Chan’s nimble and never less than impressive acrobatic skills, but a third-act fight in a rope factory is an all-timer, featuring beautiful beatdowns and brawls. Chan’s direction is on-point during the big finish, but it’s arguably even more eye-opening throughout as he captures 1930’s Hong Kong with memorable period visuals, fluid camerawork, and pitch-perfect production design. And did I mention the great Anita Mui as the female lead?

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