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The ‘Blippi’ Movie is Headed to Streaming Services

September 28, 20233 Mins Read

Parents already know Blippi is a pretty big deal–larger than life. Even Olympic Champion and mother of two (going on three) Shawn Johnson East jumped and flipped at the chance to appear on the show.

But the YouTube star—and his best friend Meekah—became even bigger over the summer. We’re talking about the big screen. Blippi’s Big Dino Adventure special had a limited run in Cinemark theatres. But now you can have the opportunity to watch at home.

Blippi’s Big Dino Adventure will be available on the Blippi YouTube channel starting on September 30. Then it comes to Netflix on October 9.

The 60-minute special follows lovable pair Blippi and Meekah as they go on one of their biggest dinosaur adventures to date. They encounter Park Ranger Asher, an energetic dinosaur crew, and get recruited to help retrieve some missing dinosaur eggs before they hatch. Their epic hunt takes them through indoor playgrounds and more unexpected places. Will they retrieve all of the eggs and get to celebrate with a Dinosaur Dance? (Spoiler alert for parents: Yes.)

“We know our audience loves dinosaurs, and one of our fans’ all-time favorite and most viewed episodes was a crossover with T-Rex Ranch in 2021, so we wanted to build on what made the episode special in an even bigger, higher stakes way,” says Katelynn Heil, General Manager, Blippi.

But Blippi wasn’t the only one going to the movie theater for the first time—some of his fans may never have gone to the movies. Heil tells us that a music video, “Going to the Movies,” is up on Blippi’s YouTube channel to prepare kiddos for their first big-screen experience. It’s a great video for the kiddos even if they are going to see other movies. In it, you see Blippi and Meekah having a blast in the movie theater lobby, singing, dancing, and obviously enjoying some typical movie fare.

“Cinemark reached out to Moonbug’s Head of Distribution for North America, Kyle DeLash, and asked if we wanted to do something innovative and fan-engaging together over the summer,” Heil explains. “We loved the idea of creating a positive movie-going experience for our fans, especially as it may be their first time at the theater.”

Blippi’s Big Dino Adventure had an initial run of one week in movie theaters. But, it begs the question: Will there be a second Blippi movie experience? An encore isn’t off the table—nor is another type of original Blippi experience, Heil says. (We’ve already seen Blippi team up with Ms. Rachel for crossover episodes!)

“We love to take fan feedback and find ways to create fun, interactive, and new ways for them to engage and connect with Blippi,” Heil says. “We hope our fans love the experience and the special as much as we do—and if they love it, I’m sure there will be more to come.”

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