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Christmas Special: Here are 10 Bollywood Films That Featured The Perfect Christmas Setting

December 25, 20236 Mins Read

Bollywood has delivered a medley of heartwarming films embracing the festive cheer of Christmas, each adorned with picturesque settings and touching narratives. Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu paints a delightful tale of self-discovery amidst a snowy Christmas in Las Vegas, while Dilwale weaves romance and family bonds against a backdrop of festive decorations and twinkling lights. Anjaana Anjaani and The Sky Is Pink  bring forth emotional journeys intertwined with Christmas, showcasing the spirit of hope and love during the holiday season.

Meanwhile, classics like Bada Din, Shandaar, and Bhanwar capture the essence of Christmas with their unique narratives set against the backdrop of joyous celebrations. Hide & Seek offers a suspenseful twist, utilising the festive setting to enhance its thrilling storyline. Through diverse plots and settings, Bollywood films beautifully capture the magic and emotions of Christmas, blending it seamlessly into their narratives. The upcoming film Merry Christmas starring Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi also joins this list, take a look:

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu (2012)

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, directed by Shakun Batra, captures the serendipitous encounter between the protagonists, beautifully portrayed by Kareena Kapoor Khan and Imran Khan, on a magical Christmas Eve. Their chance meeting blossoms into an unexpected connection, unfolding against the vibrant backdrop of Las Vegas. As the title track sets the mood, the duo embarks on a whimsical journey through the city, forging a bond that challenges conventions and leads to introspection, weaving a tale of self-discovery and unconventional love amidst the festive cheer of Christmas.

Dilwale (2015)

Rohit Shetty”s 2015 film Dilwale harnesses the festive spirit of Christmas to weave a pivotal sequence into its storyline. Amidst the twinkling lights and festive cheer, Shah Rukh Khan”s character, alongside Varun Dhawan, unexpectedly encounter Kajol and Kriti Sanon”s characters, reigniting past connections. The holiday setting becomes a catalyst for emotions to surface, leading Varun”s character to express his profound feelings for Kriti against the backdrop of the joyous celebration, adding an enchanting layer to the film”s narrative of love, reconciliation, and destiny.

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Hide & Seek (2010)

Released in 2010, Hide & Seek stands as a unique addition to Bollywood”s repertoire, diverging from typical genres by blending horror-thriller elements with a Christmas theme. Directed by Shawn Aranha, the film follows six friends who, while exploring an abandoned mall, find themselves ensnared by a mysterious assailant. Dressed in a haunting Santa Claus guise, this malevolent figure hunts them down, methodically picking them off one by one. The chilling backdrop of the deserted mall during the festive season amplifies the suspense and terror, creating an eerie contrast between the holiday cheer and the deadly game of survival. Starring Purab Kohli, the movie navigates through a nightmarish scenario where the joyous Christmas setting becomes a haunting stage for a harrowing battle to survive the night.

Anjaana Anjaani (2010)

Anjaana Anjaani unfolds against the wintry backdrop of December, where two despondent souls, played by Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, forge an unlikely bond with a pact to end their lives on New Year”s Eve. Set against the vibrant landscape of Las Vegas, the film captures their poignant journey as they immerse themselves in a whirlwind of experiences, embracing the spirit of Christmas amid their quest to savour every fleeting moment before their chosen farewell, igniting a tale of rediscovery, love, and life”s unexpected turns.

Bada Din (1998)

Bada Din stands as a rare gem in Hindi cinema, directed by Anjan Dutt and featuring Marc Robinson, Tara Deshpande, Shabana Azmi, and marking Irrfan Khan”s early mainstream role. Set on Christmas day, it centres on a couple”s compassionate efforts to assist a mute boy, encountering unexpected challenges. Khan shines in his portrayal of a cop, adding depth to a narrative woven with heartwarming moments amidst trials, making it a touching Christmas tale in Indian cinema”s landscape.

The Sky Is Pink (2019)

The Sky Is Pink delves into the poignant narrative of Aisha Chaudhary”s life, a motivational speaker whose spirit lingered even after her untimely death at 18. Chronicling her parents” 25-year love story, the film intertwines moments of joy and despair. Amidst this emotional rollercoaster, Christmas emerges as a bittersweet yet heartwarming setting, serving as a beacon of familial unity and love, juxtaposed against the backdrop of Aisha”s moving tale of resilience and the intricate dynamics within her family.

Shandaar (1974)

Shandaar, directed by Krishnan–Panju, unfolds with a captivating narrative woven around the endearing trio of Sanjeev Kumar, Sharmila Tagore, and Vinod Mehra. Amidst the film”s rich plot, a heartwarming sequence emerges as Sanjeev Kumar dons the iconic red suit of Santa Claus, embracing the spirit of Christmas. The delightful song Aata Hai Aata Hai Santa Claus Aata Hai showcases Kumar”s character engaging joyfully with children, exuding merriment and celebrating the festive season in a charming and memorable way. This moment of festive cheer beautifully enhances the film”s thematic richness, adding a touch of whimsy and warmth to its storyline.

Bhanwar (1976)

In the 1976 film Bhanwar, directed by Bhappi Sonie, the enchanting sequence featuring Parveen Babi and Randhir Kapoor unfolds during a heartfelt Christmas celebration. Amidst shimmering lights and festive cheer, Kapoor”s character showers Babi”s with a thoughtful Christmas gift, setting the stage for a lavish dinner. The film delves into the story of a young woman who fabricates having a boyfriend to appease her friends, orchestrating a fictitious relationship that unexpectedly blossoms into genuine love, igniting unforeseen emotions and a tale of genuine affection amidst playful deceit.

Merry Christmas (2024)

In a significant turn for Hindi cinema, the much-anticipated mainstream Christmas film Merry Christmas starring Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi takes centre stage in 2024. Directed by the acclaimed Sriram Raghavan, the thriller was initially set for a December 15 release but has now shifted to January 12, 2024. The narrative, shrouded in mystery, revolves around a chance encounter between two strangers on Christmas Eve that sets off an unforeseen chain of events, unravelling secrets and testing the limits of trust and survival against the backdrop of a thrilling cat-and-mouse chase. With Raghavan”s signature style and the dynamic performances of Kaif and Sethupathi, Merry Christmas promises to be a gripping, edge-of-your-seat cinematic experience, eagerly awaited by audiences.

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