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Erica Fernandes Reveals She Was Replaced In Bollywood Movies Due To Nepotism- Republic World

April 1, 20242 Mins Read

Erica Fernandes

Erica Fernandes file photo | Image:Erica Fernandes/Instagram

Erica Fernandes is known to not mince her words. In a recent interview, the actress recalled how instances of nepotism led her to lose pivotal projects in life. She recalled working in a South film only to know that she had been replaced by a star kid later. 

Erica Fernandes gets candid about nepotism 

Erica Fernandes, in a recent interview with Gallata Plus, shared how instances of nepotism led her to lose work in the South as well as in Bollywood. She revealed a shocking incident in which she was replaced by a star kid after she was already on board the project. She recalled, “There was a time when I was in a South film that I shot for 2-3 days, and after that, I got to know through the media that I was replaced.” 

In the same conversation, the actress also revealed why she does not prefer doing Bollywood films because of the same reason. She commented, “Then again I’ve been asked questions of ‘why not Bollywood’. There have been times where you’ve gone to audition, get to the moment where okay, almost final, then you get replaced by someone who is a known face or someone who is a known face’s child; nepotism happens.” 

Erica Fernandes on transitioning from films to television 

In the same conversation, Erica also commented on how she moved from films to television. The actress was among the few who transitioned from featuring in films to featuring on television. She expressed concerns about how people questioned her when she made the move. 

She said, “And then all of those contribute to whatever experiences or how you kind of proceed with whatever comes next.  So when I came from movie to TV again, people questioned me why from movie you’re going to TV. For me, that didn’t matter because for me, my work is my work, and I take pride in my work, be it any platform or any format. I came to TV.” Erica is currently seen in the Amazon Mini Tv’s latest show Love Adhoora

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