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Vishal Dadlani REACTS to AI in music: PM Narendra Modi said it best, ‘AI and Aai sound similar’- Exclusive!

May 10, 20243 Mins Read

Vishal Dadlani is a prominent Indian music composer, playback singer, and lyricist. Along with his music partner Shekhar Ravjiani, he has composed numerous hit songs for Bollywood movies which include ‘Pathaan’, ‘Fighter’ and others.

Additionally, Vishal Dadlani is also known for his outspoken nature and active involvement in social and political issues. Meanwhile, the duo Vishal-Shekhar and vocalists Armaan Malik and Shirley Setia collaborated for the popular Pokemon company’s brand-new animated show ‘Pokemon Horizons’.

The new series boasts new characters along with an engaging storyline, featuring Captain Pikachu at the helm of an airship. In an exclusive chat with ETimes, Vishal-Shekhar opened up about their collaboration with Pokemon, AI in the music industry and many more.

Sharing his thoughts on the collaboration with Pokemon, Vishal Dadlani said, “We all believe that Pokemon is a cultural standpoint. And it has been for many years, especially with children. It’s an influence that stays with them, you know, through their lives. So, the musical identity of Pokemon needed to be maintained, right? And, of course, we have done music for 25 years.”

“So, that needed to be maintained. Armaan has his vibe, that needed to be maintained. Shirley has a vibe, that needs to be maintained. We had to bring a lot of worlds together for these songs. So, it was quite a challenge. And we enjoyed it.” Vishal added.

Singer Shekhar Ravjian said, “I shared this with my daughter immediately that there is something really special we’re doing for the Pokemon Horizon series. And she was super excited. So, we met the entire team who gave us a great brief about, a detailed brief about what they wanted to do for, you know, the opening track and the closing track.”

“And in that, the most important discussion was that what kind of genre, what kind of style, where do we take this? And, you know, we gave them a few examples of, they’ve heard our songs, but a few more examples just to get the vibe right of what vibe we want to select for the song. So, we kind of had that little exercise. And then they gave us a lot of goodies and a video game. So, I went back home and, shared it with my daughter. And she was very excited. And then one day we got into the room together and, kept in mind the brief as well as, both these talented people, Armaan and Shirley, and kind of carved and composed these two tracks, which are completely different, but they’re high energy. And we had a lot of fun making them.” Shekhar added.

When asked about Vishal Dadlani’s presence of AI in the Music Industry. He said, “I think, PM said it best, when he said, kuch kuch jagaon mein, AI and Aai sound similar. So, I agree with him.”

Meanwhile, the first episode is set to launch on May 25.

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